Physical Activity and Sport Act (S.C. 2003, c. 2)

Assented to 2003-03-19

Physical Activity and Sport Act

S.C. 2003, c. 2

Assented to 2003-03-19

An Act to promote physical activity and sport


This enactment replaces the Fitness and Amateur Sport Act, which was enacted in 1961, with modernized legislation that is better adapted to contemporary realities.

The enactment sets out the Government of Canada’s policies regarding physical activity and sport. It also sets out the mandate of the Minister in respect of physical activity and sport.

The enactment establishes the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, an independent organization whose mission is to provide to the sport community a national alternative dispute resolution service for sport disputes, and expertise and assistance in that regard.


WHEREAS the Government of Canada recognizes that physical activity and sport are integral parts of Canadian culture and society and produce benefits in terms of health, social cohesion, linguistic duality, economic activity, cultural diversity and quality of life;

WHEREAS the Government of Canada wishes to increase awareness among Canadians of the significant benefits of physical activity and the practice of sport;

WHEREAS the Government of Canada wishes to encourage and assist Canadians in increasing their level of physical activity and their participation in sport;

WHEREAS the Government of Canada is committed to promoting physical activity and sport, having regard to the principles set out in the Official Languages Act;

AND WHEREAS the Government of Canada wishes to encourage cooperation among the various governments, the physical activity and sport communities and the private sector in the promotion of physical activity and sport;

NOW, THEREFORE, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada, enacts as follows:


Marginal note:Short title

 This Act may be cited as the Physical Activity and Sport Act.


Definition of “Minister”

 In this Act, “Minister” means the member or members of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada designated by the Governor in Council for the purposes of this Act.


Marginal note:Physical activity policy

 The objectives of the Government of Canada’s policy regarding physical activity are

  • (a) to promote physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being;

  • (b) to encourage all Canadians to improve their health by integrating physical activity into their daily lives; and

  • (c) to assist in reducing barriers faced by all Canadians that prevent them from being active.

Marginal note:Sport policy — principles
  •  (1) The Government of Canada’s policy regarding sport is founded on the highest ethical standards and values, including doping-free sport, the treatment of all persons with fairness and respect, the full and fair participation of all persons in sport and the fair, equitable, transparent and timely resolution of disputes in sport.

  • Marginal note:Sport policy — objectives

    (2) The objectives of the Government of Canada’s policy regarding sport are

    • (a) to increase participation in the practice of sport and support the pursuit of excellence in sport; and

    • (b) to build capacity in the Canadian sport system.


Marginal note:Objects of Act and mandate of Minister

 The objects of this Act are to encourage, promote and develop physical activity and sport in Canada. The Minister may take any measures that the Minister considers appropriate to further those objects, and in particular may

  • (a) undertake or assist in research or studies in respect of physical activity and sport;

  • (b) arrange for national and regional conferences in respect of physical activity and sport;

  • (c) provide for the recognition of achievement in respect of physical activity and sport by the grant or issue of certificates, citations or awards of merit;

  • (d) prepare and distribute information relating to physical activity and sport;

  • (e) assist, cooperate with and enlist the aid of any group interested in furthering the objects of this Act;

  • (f) coordinate federal initiatives related to the encouragement, promotion and development of physical activity and sport, particularly those initiatives related to the implementation of the Government of Canada’s policy regarding sport, the hosting of major sporting events and the implementation of anti-doping measures, in cooperation with other departments or agencies of the Government of Canada;

  • (g) undertake or support any projects or programs related to physical activity or sport;

  • (h) provide assistance for the promotion and development of Canadian participation in national and international sport;

  • (i) provide for the training of coaches and any other resource persons to further the objects of this Act in relation to sport;

  • (j) provide bursaries or fellowships to assist individuals in pursuing excellence in sport;

  • (k) encourage the promotion of sport as a tool of individual and social development in Canada and, in cooperation with other countries, abroad;

  • (l) encourage the private sector to contribute financially to the development of sport;

  • (m) facilitate the participation of under-represented groups in the Canadian sport system;

  • (n) encourage provincial and territorial governments to promote and develop sport;

  • (o) coordinate the Government of Canada’s initiatives and efforts with respect to the staging and hosting of the Canada Games; and

  • (p) encourage and support alternative dispute resolution for sport.