Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Act (S.C. 2005, c. 34)

Assented to 2005-07-20

Marginal note:Power to make regulations

 The Treasury Board may make regulations for the purposes of sections 13 to 15.


Marginal note:Minister of Labour
  •  (1) A Minister of Labour may be appointed by commission under the Great Seal to hold office during pleasure.

  • Marginal note:Powers, duties and functions

    (2) The powers, duties and functions of the Minister of Labour extend to and include all matters relating to labour over which Parliament has jurisdiction and which are not by law assigned to any other department, board or agency of the Government of Canada. They are to be exercised with the objective of promoting safe, healthy, fair, stable, cooperative and productive workplaces.

  • Marginal note:No Minister of Labour appointed

    (3) If no Minister of Labour is appointed under subsection (1),

    • (a) the Minister shall exercise the powers and perform the duties and functions of the Minister of Labour; and

    • (b) every reference to the Minister of Labour in any Act of Parliament or in any order, regulation or other instrument made under an Act of Parliament shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be read as a reference to the Minister.

  • Marginal note:Use of departmental services and facilities

    (4) The Minister of Labour shall make use of the services and facilities of the Department and may authorize employees of the Department to exercise any power or perform any duty or function of the Minister of Labour.

Marginal note:Programs

 The Minister of Labour may, in exercising the powers and performing the duties and functions assigned by subsection 18(2), establish and implement programs designed to support projects or other activities that promote safe, healthy, fair, stable, cooperative and productive workplaces, and the Minister may make grants and contributions in support of the programs.


Continuation of the Commission

Marginal note:Commission
  •  (1) The Canada Employment Insurance Commission, consisting of four commissioners to be appointed by the Governor in Council, is continued.

  • Marginal note:Commissioners

    (2) The four commissioners shall be

    • (a) the Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, who shall be the Chairperson of the Commission;

    • (b) an Associate Deputy Minister, who shall be the Vice-Chairperson of the Commission;

    • (c) a person appointed after consultation with organizations representative of workers; and

    • (d) a person appointed after consultation with organizations representative of employers.

  • Marginal note:Employment Insurance Canada

    (3) The expressions “Employment Insurance Canada” and “Assurance-emploi Canada” in any document issued or executed in relation to the matters set out in section 24 are deemed to be references to the “Canada Employment Insurance Commission” and the “Commission de l’assurance-emploi du Canada”, respectively.