Marginal note:Reports to Minister of Industry

 The Commission, the Commissioner of Competition and the Privacy Commissioner must provide the Minister of Industry with any reports that he or she requests for the purpose of coordinating the implementation of sections 6 to 9 of this Act, sections 52.01 and 74.011 of the Competition Act and section 7.1 of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


Marginal note:Mandate

 The Commission is responsible for the administration of sections 6 to 46.

Marginal note:Appointment of experts, etc.
  •  (1) The Commission may, with the approval of the Governor in Council, engage experts or other persons to assist the Commission in any matter.

  • Marginal note:Remuneration

    (2) The experts and other persons engaged by the Commission must be paid the remuneration, and are entitled to be paid the travel and living expenses incurred in providing assistance to the Commission, as may be fixed by the Governor in Council.

  • Marginal note:Remuneration and expenses payable out of appropriations

    (3) The remuneration and expenses of the experts and other persons engaged by the Commission must be paid out of money appropriated by Parliament to defray the cost of administering this Act.

Marginal note:Regulations — Governor in Council
  •  (1) The Governor in Council may make regulations

    • (a) specifying the circumstances in which consent is deemed to have been withdrawn for the purposes of section 6;

    • (b) defining “personal relationship” and “family relationship” for the purposes of paragraph 6(5)(a);

    • (c) specifying classes of commercial elec­tronic messages, or circumstances in which such messages are sent, for the purposes of paragraph 6(5)(c);

    • (d) specifying purposes of electronic messages for the purposes of paragraph 6(6)(g);

    • (e) specifying the use that may be made of a consent and the conditions on which a consent may be used for the purposes of paragraph 10(2)(b);

    • (f) specifying functions for the purposes of paragraph 10(5)(g);

    • (g) specifying operations for the purposes of subsection 10(6);

    • (h) specifying programs for the purposes of subparagraph 10(8)(a)(vi);

    • (i) specifying the circumstances mentioned in subsection 10(9) in which consent may be implied;

    • (j) defining “membership”, “club”, “association” and “voluntary organization” for the purposes of subsection 10(13);

    • (k) designating provisions whose contravention constitutes a separate contravention in respect of each day during which it continues;

    • (l) establishing additional factors to be taken into account in determining the amount payable under paragraph 51(1)(b); and

    • (m) generally, for carrying out the purposes and provisions of this Act.

  • Marginal note:Regulations — Commission

    (2) The Commission may make regulations

    • (a) respecting the form of a request for consent for the purposes of subsections 10(1) and (3);

    • (b) respecting undertakings under subsection 21(1);

    • (c) respecting the service of documents required or authorized to be served under this Act including the manner and proof of service and the circumstances under which documents are to be considered to be served; and

    • (d) prescribing anything that is to be prescribed under this Act.

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