Canada Transportation Act (S.C. 1996, c. 10)

Act current to 2017-12-11 and last amended on 2017-08-01. Previous Versions


Marginal note:Regulations
  •  (1) The Agency may make regulations

    • (a) classifying air services;

    • (b) classifying aircraft;

    • (c) prescribing liability insurance coverage requirements for air services or aircraft;

    • (d) prescribing financial requirements for each class of air service or aircraft;

    • (e) respecting the issuance, amendment and cancellation of permits for the operation of international charters;

    • (f) respecting the duration and renewal of licences;

    • (g) respecting the amendment of licences;

    • (h) respecting traffic and tariffs, fares, rates, charges and terms and conditions of carriage for international service and

      • (i) providing for the disallowance or suspension by the Agency of any tariff, fare, rate or charge,

      • (ii) providing for the establishment and substitution by the Agency of any tariff, fare, rate or charge disallowed by the Agency,

      • (iii) authorizing the Agency to direct a licensee or carrier to take corrective measures that the Agency considers appropriate and to pay compensation for any expense incurred by a person adversely affected by the licensee’s or carrier’s failure to apply the fares, rates, charges or terms or conditions of carriage applicable to the service it offers that were set out in its tariffs, and

      • (iv) requiring a licensee or carrier to display the terms and conditions of carriage for its international service on its Internet site, if the site is used for selling the international service of the licensee or carrier;

    • (i) requiring licensees to file with the Agency any documents and information relating to activities under their licences that are necessary for the purposes of enabling the Agency to exercise its powers and perform its duties and functions under this Part and respecting the manner in which and the times at which the documents and information are to be filed;

    • (j) requiring licensees to include in contracts or arrangements with travel wholesalers, tour operators, charterers or other persons associated with the provision of air services to the public, or to make those contracts and arrangements subject to, terms and conditions specified or referred to in the regulations;

    • (k) defining words and expressions for the purposes of this Part;

    • (l) excluding a person from any of the requirements of this Part;

    • (m) prescribing any matter or thing that by this Part is to be prescribed; and

    • (n) generally for carrying out the purposes and provisions of this Part.

  • Marginal note:Exclusion not to provide certain relief

    (2) No regulation shall be made under paragraph (1)(l) that has the effect of relieving a person from any provision of this Part that requires a person to be a Canadian and to have a Canadian aviation document and prescribed liability insurance coverage in respect of an air service.

  • (3) [Repealed, 2007, c. 19, s. 26]

  • 1996, c. 10, s. 86;
  • 2000, c. 15, s. 8;
  • 2007, c. 19, s. 26.
Marginal note:Advertising regulations
  •  (1) The Agency shall make regulations respecting advertising in all media, including on the Internet, of prices for air services within, or originating in, Canada.

  • Marginal note:Contents of regulations

    (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), regulations shall be made under that subsection requiring a carrier who advertises a price for an air service to include in the price all costs to the carrier of providing the service and to indicate in the advertisement all fees, charges and taxes collected by the carrier on behalf of another person in respect of the service, so as to enable a purchaser of the service to readily determine the total amount to be paid for the service.

  • Marginal note:Regulations may prescribe

    (3) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the regulations may prescribe what are costs, fees, charges and taxes for the purposes of subsection (2).

  • 2007, c. 19, s. 27.
Marginal note:Regulations and orders

 A regulation or order made under this Part may be conditional or unconditional or qualified or unqualified and may be general or restricted to a specific area, person or thing or group or class of persons or things.

  • 2007, c. 19, s. 27.

PART IIIRailway Transportation

DIVISION IInterpretation and Application

Marginal note:Definitions

 In this Part,

crude oil

crude oil means virgin or naturally occurring unrefined petroleum, or diluted bitumen or any other unrefined hydrocarbon mixture that is similar in composition to virgin or naturally occurring unrefined petroleum. It includes crude oil with the UN numbers 1267 and 3494 that are set out in Column 1 of the Dangerous Goods List in Chapter 3.2 of the Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – Model Regulations, Eighteenth revised edition, 2013, published by the United Nations; (pétrole brut)


land includes an interest in land and, in relation to land in the Province of Quebec, includes the interest of a lessee; (terres)

metropolitan area

metropolitan area means any area that is classified by Statistics Canada in its most recent census of Canada as a census metropolitan area; (région métropolitaine)


operate includes, with respect to a railway, any act necessary for the maintenance of the railway or the operation of a train; (exploitation)

point of destination

point of destination means, with respect to traffic on a railway line that is subject to a transfer described in subsection 128(4) or 129(2), the point where the traffic is transferred from the line of a railway company to a line to which this Part does not apply; (point de destination)

point of origin

point of origin means, with respect to traffic on a railway line that is subject to a transfer described in subsection 128(4) or 129(2), the point where the traffic is transferred to the line of a railway company from a line to which this Part does not apply; (point d’origine)

public passenger service provider

public passenger service provider means VIA Rail Canada Inc., a passenger rail service provider designated by the Minister or an urban transit authority; (société de transport publique)


railway means a railway within the legislative authority of Parliament and includes

  • (a) branches, extensions, sidings, railway bridges, tunnels, stations, depots, wharfs, rolling stock, equipment, stores, or other things connected with the railway, and

  • (b) communications or signalling systems and related facilities and equipment used for railway purposes; (chemin de fer)

railway company

railway company means a person who holds a certificate of fitness under section 92, a partnership of such persons or a person who is mentioned in subsection 90(2); (compagnie de chemin de fer)


road means any way or course, whether public or not, available for vehicular or pedestrian use; (route)

Special Act

Special Act means an Act under which a railway company has authority to construct or operate a railway, or that is enacted with special reference to a railway, and includes

  • (a) letters patent constituting a company’s authority to construct or operate a railway, granted before April 1, 1969, under any Act, and the Act under which the letters patent were granted or confirmed, and

  • (b) letters patent incorporating a company under section 11 of the Railway Act on or after April 1, 1969, whose objects are the construction or operation of a railway in Canada; (loi spéciale)


tariff means a schedule of rates, charges, terms and conditions applicable to the movement of traffic and incidental services; (tarif)


traffic means the traffic of goods, including equipment required for their movement; (transport ou trafic)

urban transit authority

urban transit authority means an entity owned or controlled by the federal government or a provincial, municipal or district government that provides commuter services. (administration de transport de banlieue)

  • 1996, c. 10, s. 87;
  • 2007, c. 19, s. 28;
  • 2015, c. 31, s. 4.
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