Canada Transportation Act

Version of section 145 from 2003-01-01 to 2007-06-21:

Marginal note:Offer to governments
  •  (1) The railway company shall offer to transfer all of its interest in the railway line to the governments mentioned in this section for not more than its net salvage value to be used for any purpose if

    • (a) no person makes their interest known to the railway company, or no agreement with an interested person is reached, within the required time; or

    • (b) an agreement is reached within the required time, but the transfer is not completed in accordance with the agreement.

  • Marginal note:Which governments receive offer

    (2) After the requirement to make the offer arises, the railway company shall send it simultaneously

    • (a) to the Minister if the railway line passes through

      • (i) more than one province or outside Canada,

      • (ii) land that is or was a reserve, as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Indian Act, or

      • (iii) land that is the subject of an agreement entered into by the railway company and the Minister for the settlement of aboriginal land claims;

    • (b) to the minister responsible for transportation matters in the government of each province that the railway line passes through; and

    • (c) to the clerk or other senior administrative officer of each municipal or district government through whose territory the railway line passes.

  • Marginal note:Time limits for acceptance

    (3) After the offer is received

    • (a) by the Minister, the Government of Canada may accept it within thirty days;

    • (b) by a provincial minister, the government of the province may accept it within thirty days, unless the offer is received by the Minister, in which case the government of each province may accept it within an additional thirty days after the end of the period mentioned in paragraph (a) if it is not accepted under that paragraph; and

    • (c) by a municipal or district government, it may accept it within an additional thirty days after the end of the period or periods for acceptance under paragraphs (a) and (b), if it is not accepted under those paragraphs.

  • Marginal note:Communication and notice of acceptance

    (4) Once a government communicates its written acceptance of the offer to the railway company, the right of any other government to accept the offer is extinguished and the railway company shall notify the other governments of the acceptance.

  • Marginal note:Net salvage value

    (5) If a government accepts the offer, but cannot agree with the railway company on the net salvage value within ninety days after the acceptance, the Agency may, on the application of the government or the railway company, determine the net salvage value.

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