Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-38)

Act current to 2015-10-27 and last amended on 2015-02-26. Previous Versions

Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act

R.S.C., 1985, c. C-38

An Act respecting the packaging, labelling, sale, importation and advertising of prepackaged and certain other products


Marginal note:Short title

 This Act may be cited as the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act.

  • 1970-71-72, c. 41, s. 1.


Marginal note:Definitions
  •  (1) In this Act,


    « publicité » ou « annonce »

    “advertise” means make any representation to the public by any means whatever, other than a label, for the purpose of promoting directly or indirectly the sale of a product;


    Version anglaise seulement

    “apply” means, in respect of a label, to attach to, imprint on, include in or cause to accompany in any other way a product;


    « commissaire »

    “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Competition appointed under the Competition Act;


    « contenant »

    “container” means a receptacle, package, wrapper or confining band in which a product is offered for sale but does not include package liners or shipping containers or any outer wrapping or box that is not customarily displayed to the consumer;


    « fournisseur »

    “dealer” means a person who is a retailer, manufacturer, processor or producer of a product, or a person who is engaged in the business of importing, packing or selling any product;


    « inspecteur »

    “inspector” means any person designated as an inspector


    Version anglaise seulement

    “label” means any label, mark, sign, device, imprint, stamp, brand, ticket or tag;


    « ministre »

    “Minister” means the Minister of Industry and, for the enforcement of this Act as it relates to food, as defined in section 2 of the Food and Drugs Act, means the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food;

    “prepackaged product”

    « produit préemballé »

    “prepackaged product” means any product that is packaged in a container in such a manner that it is ordinarily sold to or used or purchased by a consumer without being re-packaged;


    Version anglaise seulement

    “prescribed” means prescribed by the regulations;


    « produit »

    “product” means any article that is or may be the subject of trade or commerce but does not include land or any interest or right in land;


    « vendre »

    “sell” includes

    • (a) offer for sale, expose for sale and have in possession for sale, and

    • (b) display in such manner as to lead to a reasonable belief that the substance or product so displayed is intended for sale.

  • Marginal note:Functions of Commissioner

    (2) The functions of the Minister of Industry in relation to the administration of this Act except subsection 11(1), and in relation to the enforcement of this Act except as it relates to food, as that term is defined in section 2 of the Food and Drugs Act, may be exercised by the Commissioner on behalf of that Minister.

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