Firearms Act (S.C. 1995, c. 39)

Act current to 2014-12-15 and last amended on 2014-01-01. Previous Versions

The following provision is not in force.
Marginal note:No in-transit shipments of prohibited firearms, weapons, devices and ammunition

 No business shall import a prohibited firearm, prohibited weapon, prohibited device or prohibited ammunition that is to be shipped in transit through Canada and exported.



Marginal note:Applications
  •  (1) A licence, registration certificate or authorization may be issued only on application made in the prescribed form — which form may be in writing or electronic — or in the prescribed manner. The application must set out the prescribed information and be accompanied by payment of the prescribed fees.

  • Marginal note:To whom made

    (2) An application for a licence, registration certificate or authorization must be made to

    • (a) a chief firearms officer, in the case of a licence, an authorization to carry or an authorization to transport; or

    • (b) the Registrar, in the case of a registration certificate, an authorization to export or an authorization to import.

  • Marginal note:Pre-commencement restricted firearms and handguns

    (3) An individual who, on the commencement day, possesses one or more restricted firearms or one or more handguns referred to in subsection 12(6.1) (pre-December 1, 1998 handguns) must specify, in any application for a licence authorizing the individual to possess restricted firearms or handguns that are so referred to,

    • (a) except in the case of a firearm described in paragraph (b), for which purpose described in section 28 the individual wishes to continue to possess restricted firearms or handguns that are so referred to; and

    • (b) for which of those firearms was a registration certificate under the former Act issued because they were relics, were of value as a curiosity or rarity or were valued as a memento, remembrance or souvenir.

  • 1995, c. 39, s. 54;
  • 2003, c. 8, ss. 36, 56.
Marginal note:Further information
  •  (1) A chief firearms officer or the Registrar may require an applicant for a licence or authorization to submit such information, in addition to that included in the application, as may reasonably be regarded as relevant for the purpose of determining whether the applicant is eligible to hold the licence or authorization.

  • Marginal note:Investigation

    (2) Without restricting the scope of the inquiries that may be made with respect to an application for a licence, a chief firearms officer may conduct an investigation of the applicant, which may consist of interviews with neighbours, community workers, social workers, individuals who work or live with the applicant, spouse or common-law partner, former spouse or former common-law partner, dependants or whomever in the opinion of the chief firearms officer may provide information pertaining to whether the applicant is eligible under section 5 to hold a licence.

  • 1995, c. 39, s. 55;
  • 2000, c. 12, s. 118.