Freshwater Fish Marketing Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. F-13)

Act current to 2015-10-27 and last amended on 2012-03-16. Previous Versions

Interprovincial and Export Trade

Marginal note:Trade in fish
  •  (1) Except in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in any licence that may be issued by the Corporation in that behalf, no person, other than the Corporation or an agent of the Corporation, shall

    • (a) export fish from Canada;

    • (b) send, convey or carry fish from a participating province to another participating province or to any other province;

    • (c) in a participating province, receive fish for conveyance or carriage to a destination outside the province; or

    • (d) sell or buy, or agree to sell or buy, fish situated in a participating province for delivery in another participating province or any other province, or outside Canada.

  • Marginal note:By-laws respecting licences

    (2) The Board may, for the purposes of this section, make by-laws providing for the issue of licences by the Corporation and prescribing the form of and the terms and conditions to be set out in those licences.

  • R.S., c. F-13, s. 21.


Marginal note:Regulations

 The Governor in Council may by regulation

  • (a) add to the schedule any species of fish that are fished in a participating province or delete from the schedule any species of fish enumerated therein; or

  • (b) exempt from the application of all or any of the provisions of this Part, either conditionally or unconditionally and either in general terms or for a specified period, any species of fish enumerated in the schedule, any area or region in a participating province or any transaction, person or class of transactions or persons.

  • R.S., c. F-13, s. 22.

Duties and Powers of the Corporation

Marginal note:Corporation to undertake interprovincial and export marketing of fish
  •  (1) Subject to section 20, the Corporation has the exclusive right to trade in and to market fish in interprovincial and export trade and shall exercise that right, either by itself or by its agents, with the object of

    • (a) marketing fish in an orderly manner;

    • (b) increasing returns to fishermen; and

    • (c) promoting international markets for, and increasing interprovincial and export trade in, fish.

  • Marginal note:Corporation to buy all fish offered

    (2) All fish lawfully fished by a fisherman and offered by the fisherman for sale to the Corporation for disposal in interprovincial or export trade shall be bought by the Corporation from the fisherman on such terms and conditions and for such price as may be agreed on by the Corporation and the fisherman subject to any applicable scheme for payment established and operated by the Corporation pursuant to section 23.

  • Marginal note:Marketing of fish

    (3) The Corporation shall determine the form in which fish bought by it pursuant to this section shall be marketed and shall carry out or cause to be carried out any processing or preparation for market that it deems necessary, and the Corporation shall market the fish at such times and places and in such manner as in its opinion will best achieve the attainment of the objects mentioned in subsection (1).

  • R.S., c. F-13, s. 23.