Quarantine Act (S.C. 2005, c. 20)

Act current to 2016-01-25 and last amended on 2007-06-22. Previous Versions

Marginal note:Venue

 An information in respect of an offence under this Act may be tried, determined or adjudged by a summary conviction court if the defendant is resident or carrying on business within the territorial division of the court, even if the matter of the information did not arise in that territorial division.

Marginal note:Analysis and examination
  •  (1) A quarantine officer or an environmental health officer may submit to an analyst, for analysis or examination, any sample taken under paragraph 47(1)(e).

  • Marginal note:Certificate of analyst

    (2) A certificate of an analyst stating that the analyst has analyzed or examined a sample and stating the result of the analysis or examination is evidence of the statements contained in the certificate without proof of the signature or the official character of the person appearing to have signed it.

  • Marginal note:Attendance of analyst

    (3) The party against whom the certificate is produced may, with leave of the court, require the attendance of the analyst for the purpose of cross-examination.

  • Marginal note:Notice

    (4) The certificate may not be received in evidence unless the party who intends to produce it has given the party against whom it is intended to be produced reasonable notice of that intention, together with a copy of the certificate.

Marginal note:Suspended sentence

 If an offender is convicted of an offence under this Act, the court may suspend the passing of sentence and may make an order that the offender comply with any condition that has any or all of the effects described in section 80.

Marginal note:Orders of court
  •  (1) If an offender is convicted of an offence under this Act, the court may, having regard to the nature of the offence and the circumstances surrounding its commission, in addition to any other punishment that may be imposed under this Act, make an order that has any or all of the following effects:

    • (a) prohibiting the offender from committing an act or engaging in an activity that may, in the opinion of the court, result in the continuation or repetition of the offence;

    • (b) directing the offender to take any meas­ures that the court considers appropriate to avoid harm to public health that results from or may result from the act or omission that constituted the offence, or to remedy that harm;

    • (c) directing the offender to publish, in any manner that the court directs, at the offender’s own expense, the facts relating to the offence and an apology for any harm caused by the offence;

    • (d) directing the offender, at the offender’s own expense, to notify any person who is aggrieved or affected by the offender’s conduct of the facts relating to the conviction;

    • (e) directing the offender to post a bond or pay an amount of money into court that the court considers appropriate to ensure compliance with any condition required under this section;

    • (f) directing the offender to submit to the Minister, on application by the Attorney General of Canada made within three years after the conviction, any information with respect to the offender’s activities that the court considers appropriate in the circumstances;

    • (g) directing the offender to compensate the Minister, in whole or in part, for the cost of any remedial or preventive measure taken by the Minister as a result of the act or omission that constituted the offence;

    • (h) directing the offender to perform community service, subject to any reasonable conditions that may be imposed by the court;

    • (i) directing the offender to pay an amount that the court considers appropriate for the purpose of conducting research; and

    • (j) requiring the offender to comply with any other conditions that the court considers appropriate in the circumstances for securing the offender’s good conduct and for preventing the offender from repeating the same offence or committing another offence under this Act.

  • Marginal note:Coming into force and duration of order

    (2) An order made under section 79 or subsection (1) comes into force on the day on which the order is made or on any other day that the court determines but may not continue in force for more than three years after that day.

  • Marginal note:Publication

    (3) If an offender does not comply with an order requiring the publication of facts relating to the offence, the Minister may publish the facts and recover the costs of publication from the offender.

  • Marginal note:Debt due to Her Majesty

    (4) If the court orders the offender to compensate the Minister or if the Minister incurs publication costs under paragraph (1)(g) or subsection (3), the costs incurred by the Minister constitute a debt due to Her Majesty in right of Canada and may be recovered in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Consequential Amendment

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Coming into Force

Marginal note:Order in council

Footnote * The provisions of this Act, other than section 83, come into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council.

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