Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. R-11)

Act current to 2017-11-20 and last amended on 2013-01-01. Previous Versions

Marginal note:Regulations — electronic means
  •  (1) The Governor in Council may make regulations

    • (a) respecting the use of electronic means to create, communicate, make available, collect, receive, store or otherwise deal with a document or information under this Act, including

      • (i) the technology or process, and the format, to be used,

      • (ii) the place where an electronic document is to be made or sent,

      • (iii) the time and circumstances when an electronic document is considered to be sent or received and the place where it is considered to have been sent or received,

      • (iv) the technology or process to be used to make or verify an electronic signature and the manner in which the signature is to be used, and

      • (v) the circumstances in which an electronic document must be signed with an electronic signature or a secure electronic signature; and

    • (b) providing that a requirement under a provision of this Act to provide a document or information by non-electronic means is satisfied by the provision of an electronic document if the prescribed conditions, if any, have been complied with.

  • Marginal note:Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

    (2) In subsection (1), electronic document, electronic signature and secure electronic signature have the same meaning as in subsection 31(1) of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

  • Marginal note:Powers of Treasury Board

    (3) The Treasury Board may, in addition to the powers conferred on it by paragraph 7(2)(d) of the Financial Administration Act, exercise the powers of the Governor in Council under subsection (1).

  • 2008, c. 28, s. 161.
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