Seeds Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. S-8)

Act current to 2017-11-20 and last amended on 2015-02-27. Previous Versions


  • — 2012, c. 24, s. 89

    • 1995, c. 40, s. 86

      89 The definition Tribunal in section 2 of the Seeds Act is replaced by the following:


      Tribunal means the Review Tribunal continued by subsection 27(1) of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Act; (Commission)

  • — 2012, c. 24, s. 90

    • 90 The Act is amended by adding the following after section 2:

      Accredited Laboratories

      • Power of Minister

        2.1 For the purpose of this Act and the regulations, the Minister may designate all or part of any building or place used for grading, testing or analysing seeds as an accredited laboratory.

  • — 2012, c. 24, s. 91

    • 91 Subsection 4(1) of the Act is amended by adding the following after paragraph (h.5):

      • (h.6) respecting the registration of establishments that prepare seeds and the licensing of operators of those establishments, including the renewal, cancellation and suspension of those registrations and licences and the conditions to which they are subject;

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