Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1551)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2010-03-25. Previous Versions

Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations

C.R.C., c. 1551


Regulations Made Pursuant to the Textile Labelling Act


 These Regulations may be cited as the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations.


 In these Regulations,


“Act” means the Textile Labelling Act; (Loi)

“country of origin”

“country of origin” means the country in which

  • (a) a textile fibre was grown or made, or

  • (b) any textile fibre product not included in paragraph (a) was substantially made; (pays d’origine)

“narrow fabric”

“narrow fabric” means a textile fibre product that is 30 centimetres or less in width and is ordinarily used as findings or trimming; (article de rubanerie)


“prescribed”, in respect of a consumer textile article, means prescribed by section 4; (désigné)

“reclaimed textile fibre”

“reclaimed textile fibre” means a textile fibre obtained from a yarn, fabric, consumer textile article or plumage product. (fibre textile récupérée)

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Labelling Requirements

 In this Part,

“disclosure label”

“disclosure label” means a representation label that complies with the Act and these Regulations as to its form and as to

  • (a) the information that it shows with respect to the consumer textile article to which it is applied, and

  • (b) the manner in which such information is shown,

and where the information required by section 11 is shown in two labels pursuant to subsection 14(3) or 14(4), means both labels;

“representation label”

“representation label” means a label that contains any representation as to the textile fibre content of the article to which it is applied.

 For the purposes of paragraph 3(a) of the Act and these Regulations, a prescribed consumer textile article is any consumer textile article included in Schedule I.

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  •  (1) Every representation label that is applied to a consumer textile article that is sold, imported into Canada or advertised by a dealer shall meet the requirements for a disclosure label unless

    • (a) the article to which it is applied is exempted by these Regulations from the application of paragraph 3(b) of the Act; or

    • (b) it meets the requirements set out in subsection (2).

  • (2) A representation label that is applied to a consumer textile article that

    • (a) is sold, imported into Canada or advertised by a dealer, and

    • (b) has applied to it in the prescribed manner another representation label that is a disclosure label

    shall not contain any representation that

    • (c) detracts from, qualifies or contradicts any representation in the disclosure label; or

    • (d) contravenes section 5 of the Act.

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