Weights and Measures Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1605)

Regulations are current to 2014-07-22 and last amended on 2012-05-01. Previous Versions

Installation and Use

  •  (1) Every device for use in trade shall be installed, maintained and used so as to permit accurate measurement and eliminate means of perpetrating fraud when in use.

  • (2) A device referred to in subsection (1) shall not be used to measure any quantity of commodity unless the limit of error set out in Column II of an item of the appropriate Part of Schedule II for the stated quantity set out in Column I of that item is equal to or greater than

    • (a) the value of the minimum increment of registration of the device if the device has digital means of registration; or

    • (b) one-half the value of the minimum increment of registration of the device if the device has analogue means of registration only.

  • SOR/90-118, s. 18.

 The installation and use of every device for use in trade shall conform to instructions for installation and use issued by the manufacturer or importer, unless there is an apparent contradiction between such instructions and the specifications set out in this Part or established by the Minister, in which case the specifications set out in this Part or established by the Minister shall prevail.

 Where the use of a device in any manner or for any purpose is prohibited

  • (a) in the certificate of inspection issued at the time of the most recent inspection made under the Act, or

  • (b) in the notice of approval of that device pursuant to section 3 of the Act or pursuant to a notice of approval under a previous enactment,

the device shall, throughout the period of its use in trade, have closely associated with it or prominently displayed thereon a readily legible sign or notice setting out the manner or purpose of use that is prohibited.

  • SOR/93-234, s. 2(F).

Division IIWeights


 In this Division, “weight” means a weight for use in trade.

Design, Composition and Construction

 Weights shall be composed of any metal or metals not softer than brass, except that weights of less than one gram in the metric system or less than 10 grains in the Canadian system shall be composed of corrosion resistant metal.

 Weight reducing holes shall be so made as to prevent the retaining of adjusting lead or foreign matter and the entire surface of weights shall be smooth and reasonably free from grooves or indentations in which foreign matter could accumulate.

 If a weight is equipped with a ring, the ring shall not be removable.

 Cast iron weights shall be painted with at least one coat of suitable waterproof metal sealer or primer, and may be also painted with a finish coat if the resulting aggregate coat is thin and durable.

 When a cast iron weight is painted, it shall be calibrated after it receives the final paint coat.

 All adjusting holes intended to hold lead in a weight shall be undercut or so made as to ensure that the lead is securely held in place and in no case shall the lead project beyond the surface of the weight.