Weights and Measures Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1605)

Regulations are current to 2015-10-27 and last amended on 2014-08-01. Previous Versions

 Unless otherwise authorized by specifications established by the Minister, a meter shall have an integral filter or close-coupled strainer appropriate to the type, design and size of the meter.

 Unless otherwise authorized by specifications established by the Minister, all meters except slow-flow meters and slow-flow dispensers shall have an automatic air-vapour eliminator and a meter for liquefied gases shall also have a combination differential-pressure and back-pressure valve.

 Any accessory for a liquid meter that can affect the accuracy of the meter shall be sealable.

 [Revoked, SOR/93-234, s. 2]

 [Revoked, SOR/90-118, s. 31]

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), the means of registration on a meter shall be capable of advancement only by the liquid passing through the meter.

  • (2) A meter register may be designed to be reset to zero by mechanical advancement of the register elements if, during the resetting,

    • (a) the elements of registration are obscured until the zero position is reached; or

    • (b) the advancing movement, once started, cannot be stopped until the zero position is reached.

 The indications on any resettable register, totalizer or ticket printer on a meter that is designed to measure flow in both directions shall advance or reverse according to the flow of the liquid.

 When a meter has a totalizer or preset register, it shall be clearly differentiated from the delivery register.

 A resettable register shall have means to return the register accurately to zero, and the money register of a computing type register shall return to zero at the same time that the quantity register is returned to zero.

 A computing type register shall be designed to prevent any change of the price setting during a delivery and so as to automatically display the unit price at which the register is set to compute.

 A meter with a rated maximum flow of 350 L or less per minute that is intended to be used to measure and deliver motor fuel to motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft shall be designed to be inoperable after a delivery until the register is reset to zero.

  • SOR/90-118, s. 32;
  • SOR/93-234, s. 2(E).

 [Revoked, SOR/93-234, s. 2]

 Unless otherwise authorized by specifications established by the Minister, a ticket printer shall be interlocked so that it can

  • (a) print only the quantity delivered; and

  • (b) deliver only the quantity for which a ticket is printed.