Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1111)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16

Central Business District

Permitted Uses

 In a Central Business District, the following uses are permitted:

  • (a) retail stores or retail businesses within an enclosed building;

  • (b) amusement enterprises including bowling alleys and theatres if conducted wholly within an enclosed building;

  • (c) auditoriums, halls and community centres;

  • (d) automobile rental businesses;

  • (e) automobile service stations;

  • (f) banks;

  • (g) barber shops and beauty parlours;

  • (h) beer parlours;

  • (i) beverage rooms;

  • (j) blueprinting shops;

  • (k) business and professional offices;

  • (l) churches and parish halls;

  • (m) clothes cleaning, laundry or pressing establishments including coin wash, coin cleaning and depots for the collection of dry cleaning and laundry;

  • (n) commercial clubs;

  • (o) cocktail lounges;

  • (p) delicatessen stores;

  • (q) dwelling units as a secondary incidental use only when within the second or third storey of a building permitted by these Regulations;

  • (r) frozen food lockers;

  • (s) fuel order offices;

  • (t) funeral parlours;

  • (u) libraries;

  • (v) meat markets;

  • (w) medical or dental clinics and laboratories, excepting veterinarian services and facilities;

  • (x) news stands;

  • (y) non-profit clubs, fraternities or lodges;

  • (z) passenger terminals;

  • (aa) personal service shops;

  • (bb) photostating shops;

  • (cc) printing, lithographing or publishing shops;

  • (dd) public buildings, parks and playgrounds;

  • (ee) public parking areas;

  • (ff) public utility installations, excluding any uses that are primarily of a maintenance or storage nature;

  • (gg) radio and television repair shops;

  • (hh) restaurants, tea rooms or cafes, including dancing or entertainment;

  • (ii) shoe repair shops and shoe shining shops;

  • (jj) showrooms, if conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building;

  • (kk) staff hostels;

  • (ll) storage buildings, if in conjunction with retail stores or business offices;

  • (mm) studios, including art galleries, photographic studios and music studios;

  • (nn) tailor and dressmaking shops;

  • (oo) taxi stands;

  • (pp) upholstering shops, if conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building; and

  • (qq) uses and accessory buildings necessarily incidental to any use permitted in this district.