Seeds Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1400)

Regulations are current to 2015-02-04 and last amended on 2014-05-16. Previous Versions


 This Part applies in respect of seed potatoes that are sold or advertised for sale in Canada, imported into Canada or exported from Canada.

  • SOR/91-526, s. 1.

 [Repealed, SOR/2000-183, s. 40]

Classes of Seed Potatoes and Class Names

 The following classes of seed potatoes are established, as listed, from the highest quality to the lowest:

  • (a) Nuclear Stock;

  • (b) Pre-Elite;

  • (c) Elite I;

  • (d) Elite II;

  • (e) Elite III;

  • (f) Elite IV;

  • (g) Foundation; and

  • (h) Certified.

  • SOR/91-526, s. 1;
  • SOR/97-118, s. 2.

Standards for Classes of Seed Potatoes

 The standards for the classes of seed potatoes established in section 47 are those set out in sections 47.11 to 47.8.

  • SOR/91-526, s. 1;
  • SOR/97-118, s. 2.

Method of Inspection

 The inspection of seed potatoes shall be made either visually or through laboratory tests or both.

  • SOR/2002-198, s. 2.

Nuclear Stock

  •  (1) Nuclear Stock seed potatoes shall be

    • (a) produced from potato tissue culture material that has been tested and found free of bacterial ring rot, PSTV and viruses;

    • (b) laboratory tested within 12 months before the completion of the multiplication process and found free of bacterial ring rot, PSTV and viruses;

    • (c) produced in an aseptic or protected environment;

    • (d) visibly free from varietal mixtures;

    • (e) free from pathogenic bacteria or viruses, saprophytic contamination or other symptoms of diseases that could affect the quality of the material; and

    • (f) if produced in a protected environment,

      • (i) inspected by an inspector at least once during the growing period, and

      • (ii) grown in a medium that has not been previously used.

  • (2) Subject to paragraph 6(1)(d) of the Act, an inspector may ask a grower to provide records that contain the following information:

    • (a) the origin of each variety;

    • (b) the testing history of each variety;

    • (c) the pedigree of each variety; and

    • (d) evidence that subparagraph (1)(f)(ii) has been complied with.

  • (3) Any material that is being produced as Nuclear Stock seed potatoes shall be removed without delay from an aseptic or protected environment if it tests positive for pathogenic bacterial or viral organisms or manifests signs or symptoms of saprophytic contamination.

  • (4) No person shall sell or transfer all the rights of ownership of Nuclear Stock seed potatoes unless he or she possesses a seed potato tag or inspector’s certificate that indicates that the seed potatoes are Nuclear Stock seed potatoes.

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  • SOR/2002-198, s. 3.