Fire Detection and Extinguishing Equipment Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1422)

Regulations are current to 2017-01-31 and last amended on 2007-07-01. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE I(s. 13 and Sch. III)Fire Patrols, Fire Alarms, Fire Detection and Public Address Systems

Fire Patrols

  • 1 Fire patrols shall comply with the following:

    • (a) the ship’s organization shall be such that the patrolling is efficient, having regard to the size and type of ship; the maintenance of the patrol at all times while passengers are on board shall be the responsibility of the master and the owners;

    • (b) arrangements shall be made whereby the patrol shall report periodically to the officer in charge;

    • (c) the patrol system shall be maintained when ships are in port with passengers on board; and

    • (d) every part of the ship accessible to the fire patrol shall be visited regularly; for this purpose patrols shall be such as to ensure that the ship shall be completely patrolled at least once an hour.

Manual Fire Alarms

    • 2 (1) Manual fire alarms shall indicate at the bridge or fire control station the position in the ship from which an alarm has been operated.

    • (2) The manual fire alarm may be an electric bell operated by a push button or a switch or may be of the break glass type, or a special telephone system may be used; operating stations shall be available near all main stairways, and any one switch or telephone station shall not serve more than two decks.

    • (3) The alarm signal given at the bridge or fire control station by the manual fire alarm shall be distinct from any other signal.

    • (4) The fire control station shall be kept continuously manned when passengers are on board.

Fire Detection Systems

    • 3 (1) Fire-detecting systems shall be of a type that affords means of indicating by sight and by smell the presence of fire; they shall operate continuously and reliably, without any part within the space served having to be reset, and must give indication of fire at an early stage.

    • (2) Where a fire-detecting system is combined with a smothering gas installation, the arrangement shall be such that smothering gas cannot be admitted to the detecting cabinet; instructions for operating the fire detecting system shall be posted near the detecting cabinet.

    • (3) The arrangement of smoke accumulator points shall be as follows:

      • (a) no part of the overhead deck shall be more than 12 m from a smoke accumulator;

      • (b) not more than three smoke accumulators shall be connected to one pipeline leading to the smoke-detecting cabinet; and

      • (c) where more than one accumulator is served by one main lead, branch leads shall be of approximately the same length.

Public Address System

    • 4 (1) The public address system shall be maintained in good order and shall be tested before a ship leaves port, and daily throughout the voyage.

    • (2) The officers in charge of the various departments in a ship shall be trained in the use of the public address system.

  • SOR/81-738, s. 87.
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