Fire Detection and Extinguishing Equipment Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1422)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2007-07-01. Previous Versions

Alternative Means of Extinguishing Fire

  •  (1) In any Class H ship over 45.7 m in length of 1,000 tons, gross tonnage or over that is fitted with main or auxiliary oil-fired boilers or with internal combustion propelling machinery, and is a ship making an inland voyage Class I, or a tanker making any voyage, if a fire in any one compartment might put out of action every fire pump in the ship, there shall be provided alternative means of extinguishing fire in accordance with subsection (2).

  • (2) The alternative means of extinguishing fire may be met by providing an independent, self-contained, compression-ignition, engine-driven pumping unit in accordance with the requirements of section 2 of Schedule II; but, where it is shown to the satisfaction of the Board that such an arrangement is unreasonable or impracticable, the fitting of smothering gas as alternative means of extinguishing the fire may be allowed; the smothering gas to be provided as an alternative means shall be in accordance with section 7 of Schedule III.

  • SOR/81-738, s. 57.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

  •  (1) Every Class H ship over 45.7 m in length shall be provided with at least one 9 L fluid fire extinguisher in every compartment of the crew and passenger spaces; the number of such extinguishers shall be not less than five in a ship of 1,000 tons, gross tonnage, or over, and not less than three in a ship under 1,000 tons, gross tonnage.

  • (2) Every Class H ship over 45.7 m in length that is a tanker shall, in addition to the requirements of subsection (1), be provided with portable foam extinguishers in accordance with the following table, or with equivalent fire extinguishers as set forth in Schedule IV:

    Size of tanker in tons, gross tonnageExtinguishers required
    Under 1,000 two9 L
    1,000 and upwards three9 L
  • (3) The extinguishers prescribed in subsection (2) shall be located in such parts of the tanker as in the opinion of an inspector will be most convenient and serviceable in case of an emergency.

  • SOR/81-738, s. 58.


 Every Class H ship over 45.7 m in length shall be provided in each galley with one 9 L foam fire extinguisher, or one equivalent fire extinguisher as set forth in Schedule IV, for each 230 m2 of deck area or fraction thereof of such spaces.

  • SOR/81-738, s. 59.

Spaces Fitted with Oil-fired Domestic Boilers or Oil-fired Domestic Heating Units

 Every Class H ship over 150 feet in length having spaces fitted with automatically controlled oil-fired domestic boilers or automatically controlled oil-fired domestic heating units shall be provided in such spaces

  • (a) with a receptacle containing an adequate quantity of sand or other dry material suitable for quenching oil fires and a scoop for distributing the material; and

  • (b) with one 9 L foam fire extinguisher, or one equivalent fire extinguisher as set forth in Schedule IV, where the number of burners does not exceed two, and one additional fire extinguisher for each additional burner where more than two burners are fitted, but in no case need there be more than four such extinguishers.

  • SOR/81-738, s. 60.