Veterans’ Land Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1594)

Regulations are current to 2016-01-25

SCHEDULE III(s. 54)Agreement of Sale of Permanent Improvements

MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT made this day ofA.D. 19 pursuant to Part I of the Veterans’ Land Act.



(hereinafter called the “Director”)



of in the

Province of

(hereinafter called the “Veteran”)


WHEREAS by Agreement of Sale in writing dated theday of, 19, (hereinafter called the “Principal Agreement”), the Director agreed to sell to the Veteran and the Veteran agreed to purchase from the Director the land therein described;

AND WHEREAS in the Principal Agreement the cost to the Director under Part I was the sum of

Dollars ($);

AND WHEREAS the Director has approved the expenditure under Part I of the further sum of

Dollars ($)

to effect permanent improvements on the said land;

AND WHEREAS the Director has agreed to sell the permanent improvements to the Veteran for the sum of Dollars ($).


1. In consideration of the conditions and provisions herein contained the Director agrees to sell to the Veteran, and the Veteran agrees to purchase, the said permanent improvements at and for the price or sum of

Dollars ($)

of lawful money of Canada, payable to the Director at his office in the City of Ottawa, or at his office for the region in which the said land is situated, on the days and in the manner hereinafter provided, upon and subject to the terms, conditions and provisions herein contained or applying hereto, and the payments to be made as herein specified, the observance of each and every of the said terms, conditions and provisions, as well as the making of the said payments being expressly declared the essence of this Agreement.

2. The Veteran covenants and agrees with the Director that he will pay the Director the said purchase price as follows, that is to say, the sum of

Dollars ($)

at the time of the execution of these presents, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, and the balance being the sum ofDollars ($) with interest at the rate of 3 1/2 per cent per annum from the date hereof, shall be payable inequal consecutive payments of

Dollars ($)

each consisting of principal and interest, such interest being calculated yearly not in advance, which payments are sufficient on an amortized plan to pay the principal and interest thereon. The said equal consecutive payments shall be combined with the payments called for in the Principal Agreement and the combined payments shall be paid on the payment dates, and shall be applied in the manner, set out in clause numbered 2 of the Principal Agreement, provided that the first of such combined payments shall become due and be paid on theday of, 19.

3. It is hereby agreed that the terms, conditions and provisions of the Principal Agreement and any amendments subsequent to the date thereof are incorporated into and form part of this Agreement, the necessary changes being deemed to have been made, and that any default under the Principal Agreement shall be deemed to be a default under this Agreement, and any default under this Agreement shall be deemed to be a default under the Principal Agreement.

4. It is hereby mutually agreed that for the purposes of Section 11(4)(a) of the Veterans’ Land Act the effective date of this Agreement or contract shall be the date hereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Director has authorized to be hereunto affixed his corporate seal and his name to be signed, and the Veteran has hereunto set his hand and seal and designated the undernamed place as his post office address.


As to execution by the Director



As to execution by the Veteran

Signature of Veteran

Post Office Address




of the of in the
ofProvince of

(Occupation of Witness)

make oath and say as follows:

1. THAT I was personally present and did see the within Agreement and duplicate duly executed by

(Full Name of Veteran)

one of the parties thereto.

2. THAT I know the said party and that he is of the full age of twenty-one years.

3. THAT the same was executed at in the Province aforesaid and that I am a subscribing witness to the within Agreement and duplicate.

SWORN before me at the
of , in the Province of
, this day of


(Signature of Witness)

, A.D. 19

Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Oaths, or Authorized for this purpose under the Veterans’ Land Act.

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