Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations

Version of section 40 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-05-04:

  •  (1) A person who wishes to have produce inspected for the purpose of compliance with the requirements of Part III of these Regulations, or section 1 of Part II of Schedule II of the Licensing and Arbitration Regulations or for the purpose of exporting onions, potatoes or field tomatoes to the United States or Puerto Rico shall

    • (a) make a request to an inspector, at least 24 hours prior to the inspection, if there is an inspector in the area;

    • (b) if there is no inspector in the area, make a request at the nearest inspection office at least 48 hours prior to the inspection; and

    • (c) make readily accessible for inspection all produce from which samples can be drawn as may be required by the inspector to carry out the inspection.

  • (2) Subject to this Part, a person who wishes to have produce inspected for purposes other than those mentioned in subsection (1) shall request an inspection in accordance with subsection (1) and the President of the Agency shall authorize the inspection if an inspector is available in the area.

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