Maple Products Regulations (C.R.C., c. 289)

Regulations are current to 2014-12-08 and last amended on 2011-09-30. Previous Versions


 These Regulations apply to maple products including maple syrup, maple sugar, soft maple sugar, maple butter and maple taffy.


 No person shall market a product in import, export or interprovincial trade in such a manner that it is likely to be mistaken for a maple product for which a grade or standard is established under these Regulations.

  • SOR/91-523, s. 2;
  • SOR/2003-6, s. 34.


  •  (1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), no person shall market a maple product in import, export or interprovincial trade as food unless the maple product

  • (2) It is prohibited for anyone to mix a maple product that is contaminated with another maple product so that it meets the requirements of subsection (1).

  • (3) and (4) [Repealed, SOR/2003-6, s. 35]

  • SOR/91-523, s. 2;
  • SOR/2003-6, s. 35;
  • SOR/2011-205, s. 17.

 Despite section 3.2, a maple product that is contaminated may be marketed in import, export or interprovincial trade as animal food if it is

  • (a) fit for use as animal food;

  • (b) labelled with the words “animal food” and “aliments pour animaux”;

  • (c) prepared separately from maple products intended for use as food; and

  • (d) where appropriate, treated to give it the appearance of being inedible.

  • SOR/91-523, s. 2;
  • SOR/2003-6, s. 36;
  • SOR/2011-205, s. 18.

 [Repealed, SOR/2003-6, s. 37]


  •  (1) There shall be three grades of maple syrup with the grade names “Canada No. 1”, “Canada No. 2” and “Canada No. 3”.

  • (2) The requirements set out in Schedule I are hereby prescribed as the requirements for the grades of maple syrup established by subsection (1).

  •  (1) Maple syrup may be graded only if

    • (a) it is produced exclusively by the concentration of maple sap or by the dilution or solution of a maple product, other than maple sap, in potable water;

    • (b) it is clean, wholesome and fit for human consumption;

    • (c) it is free from any defect or deterioration affecting its edibility, appearance or shipping quality;

    • (d[Revoked, SOR/89-267, s. 2]

    • (e) it has a minimum soluble solids content of 66 per cent as determined by a refractometer or hydrometer at 20°C; and

    • (f) its colour class has been determined in accordance with Schedule III.

  • (2) Maple syrup shall be graded in

    • (a) a registered establishment; or

    • (b) any place, where it is graded by or on behalf of the operator of a registered maple syrup shipper establishment.

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