Maple Products Regulations (C.R.C., c. 289)

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SCHEDULE III(Section 2 and paragraphs 5(1)(f) and 19(1)(c))Colour Classes of “Canada Grade A” Maple Syrup

  • 1 The determination of the light transmission of “Canada Grade A” maple syrup shall be made optically by means of

    • (a) a spectrophotometer using matched square optical cells having a 10 mm light path at a wavelength of 560 nm, the colour values being expressed in per cent of light transmission as compared to A.R. Glycerol fixed at 100 per cent transmission; or

    • (b) a visual glass comparator, the optical specifications of which correspond as closely as possible to the method described in paragraph (a).

  • 2 “Canada Grade A” maple syrup shall be regarded as in a colour class set out in Column I of the table if its percentage of light transmission is that set out in Column II.


    ItemColumn IColumn II
    Colour ClassPercentage of Light Transmission
    1Golden, Delicate Taste (Doré, goût délicat)not less than75.0
    2Amber, Rich Taste (Ambré, goût riche)less than75.0
    but not less than50.0
    3Dark, Robust Taste (Foncé, goût robuste)less than50.0
    but not less than25.0
    4Very Dark, Strong Taste (Très foncé, goût prononcé)less than25.0
  • SOR/2014-297, s. 9.
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