Processed Products Regulations

Version of section 30.2 from 2011-09-30 to 2017-11-20:

 The operator of a registered establishment in which a low-acid food product packed in a hermetically sealed container is thermally processed shall

  • (a) keep in that establishment, for every low-acid food product that is processed,

    • (i) a written description of the scheduled process, together with the name of the person responsible for the development of the scheduled process, and

    • (ii) the formulation of the food product;

  • (b) keep the information referred to in subparagraphs (a)(i) and (ii) for at least three years after the use of the scheduled process;

  • (c) keep in that establishment, for each low-acid food product that is processed, a written statement of the procedures for the operation and maintenance of each unit of thermal processing equipment;

  • (d) keep in that establishment a written statement of a low-acid food product recall procedure;

  • (e) if requested by an inspector, produce a written statement of all relevant data used in the development of the scheduled process;

  • (f) maintain, for not less than three years after the date of processing, records that adequately set out the low-acid food product history, and that include as minimum information

    • (i) production volume, identification and distribution records,

    • (ii) the unit of thermal processing equipment used and the time, temperature and, where appropriate, the pressure of the process used,

    • (iii) the systems used to control the thermal process and critical factors,

    • (iv) information concerning maintenance of and modifications to each unit of thermal processing equipment and monitoring devices,

    • (v) process deviations and any corrective action taken,

    • (vi) incubation results, and

    • (vii) where applicable, cooling water treatments applied; and

  • (g) notify an inspector when a low-acid food product is to be recalled.

  • SOR/86-622, s. 2;
  • SOR/87-350, s. 3(F);
  • SOR/2011-205, s. 36(F).
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