Fish Inspection Regulations (C.R.C., c. 802)

Regulations are current to 2015-03-31 and last amended on 2013-04-26. Previous Versions

Clams, Mussels and Oysters

  •  (1) Canned clams, mussels and oysters shall not contain excessive green algae and shall be free from sand, gravel, pearls, discoloration and shell pieces.

  • (2) Canned soft-shelled clams shall have the dark-coloured portion of the siphon and all of the mantle cover removed.

  • (3) Canned butter clams shall have the black portion of the siphon removed.

Lobster Cocktail

  •  (1) Lobster cocktail shall be prepared from fresh, well-washed fish in combination with sound lobster meat that is free from inedible parts.

  • (2) More than 50 per cent of the drained weight of the contents of a can of lobster cocktail shall be lobster meat.


  •  (1) Tomalley shall be prepared from clean, sound roe, green liver and lobster meat free from inedible parts.

  • (2) No can of tomalley shall contain filler or any other ingredient.

Lobster Paste

  •  (1) Lobster paste shall be prepared from those parts of lobsters used in the preparation of tomalley.

  • (2) Lobster paste shall be ground to a smooth consistency, shall be uniform in colour and may contain spices, artificial colouring and filler not exceeding a maximum of two per cent by weight of the finished paste.


 [Repealed, SOR/96-364, s. 10]

  •  (1) Salmon of a species named in Column I of an item of the table to this subsection shall be designated, after it has been canned, by the appropriate common name set out in Column II of that item.


    Column IColumn II
    1. Oncorhynchus nerkaSockeye Salmon
    Red Sockeye Salmon
    Red Salmon
    2. Oncorhynchus tschawytschaSpring Salmon
    King Salmon
    Chinook Salmon
    3. Oncorhynchus kisutchCoho Salmon
    Medium Red Coho Salmon
    4. Oncorhynchus gorbuschaPink Salmon
    5. Oncorhynchus ketaChum Salmon
    Keta Salmon
    6. Salmo gairdneriiSteelhead Salmon
    Deep Sea Trout
    7. Salmo salarSalmon
    Atlantic Salmon
  • (2) In addition to the appropriate common name in Column II of the table to subsection (1), canned salmon of the species Oncorhynchus tschawytscha may be designated as “red”, “pink” or “white” to indicate the colour of the flesh in accordance with standards approved by the Minister.

  • (3) Notwithstanding subsection (1),

    • (a) immature coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) may be designated as “Blueback Salmon” if it meets the colour standard approved by the Minister; and

    • (b) cans of minced salmon containing mixed species shall be designated as “Minced Salmon”.