SCHEDULE(Rule 9 and subrules 10(1) and 15(2))


To: A.B. Provincial Court Judge at

(or as the case may be).

You are hereby required immediately after service of this application to return to the Registry of the Supreme Court at (as the case may be) the conviction (or as the case may be) referred to in the application together with the information, evidence and exhibits filed, if any, and all things touching the matter as fully and entirely as they remain in your custody, together with this notice.


(Signature of C.B.)

Solicitor for the Applicant


Pursuant to the accompanying notice, I return to this Honourable Court the following papers and documents:

  • (1) the conviction (or as the case may be);

  • (2) the information and the warrant issued on the conviction;

  • (3) the evidence taken at the hearing and all exhibits filed;

  • (4) all other papers or documents relating to the matter.

And I certify to this Honourable Court that I have above truly set forth all the papers and documents in my custody and power relating to the matter set out in the application.


(Signature of A.B.)

FORM CIn the Supreme Court of Newfoundland Trial Division






TO: The Superintendent (or as the case may be)

(Name of Her Majesty’s Penitentiary)

St. John’s, Newfoundland

IF IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT you bring A.B., the applicant, in person before the presiding judge, at the Court House, (address), on , the day of , 20, at o’clock in the , together with this Order, so that such judge of this Honourable Court may then and there cause to be done with A.B. what is right and just according to law.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT you deliver immediately to the Registry at the Court House at the said place true copies of all orders, warrants, committals or other documents pursuant to which the said A.B. is confined or restrained of his or her liberty and which are in your possession or control, together with your certificate that the documents listed in such certificate are of the documents pursuant to which the said A.B. is confined or restrained as aforesaid.

DATED at , this day of 20.

(Signature of A.B.)

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