Rules of the Court of Appeal of Quebec in Criminal Matters (SI/2006-142)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2007-01-01. Previous Versions


1.In what district was the sentence imposed?
2.By which judge?
3.What was the type of trial (judge alone, judge and jury)?
4.What was/were the offence(s) for which the accused was convicted? Attach an additional sheet, if necessary.
5.The sections of the Criminal Code (or other statute) contravened.
6.Date of the preliminary inquiry, if any.
7.How did the accused plead at trail?
8.How long did the trial last?
9.What sentence was imposed?
10.Date of conviction.
11.Date of sentence.
12.Where is the accused confined?
13.Was the accused released from custody pending the determination of the accused’s appeal?
14.How long was the accused held in custody (in first instance as well as in appeal)?
15.Identify any co-accused, whether they were convicted, and if so, what sentence was imposed on them.
16.Give details of the accused’s criminal record.
17.a) Is the accused now employed?
b) Was the accused employed at the time of indictment?
18.Accused’s family situation (married, divorced, dependants, etc.).
19.Accused’s date of birth.
20.Was there a pre-sentence report? If so, attach it.
21.Were there any medical or psychiatric reports? If so, attach them.
22.Was there any joint sentencing recommendation by the prosecution and defence counsel in first instance? If so, what was it?
23.a) What sentence did the Crown suggest?
b) What sentence did the defence suggest?
24.Did the victim make a written statement? If so, attach it.
25.Has any new evidence been adduced? If so, attach it.