Rules of the Court of Appeal of Quebec in Criminal Matters (SI/2006-142)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2007-01-01. Previous Versions


Marginal note:Office hours

 The Office of the Court is open on juridical days from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Marginal note:Keeping of a register

 The Clerk shall keep an up-to-date court register wherein the following information shall be entered for each case:

  • (a) the name, civic address and, if available, the electronic address of each of the parties and the law offices of their counsel, as well as the name of the counsel responsible for the file;

  • (b) the date of filing of the notice of appeal or the motion for leave to appeal, and the judgment thereon;

  • (c) the date of the order for interim release, if applicable;

  • (d) the date of appearance of the respondent;

  • (e) for each party, the date of filing of the factum or the documents standing in lieu thereof;

  • (f) the date of filing of the certificate of readiness or of the declaration of readiness by the Clerk;

  • (g) the date of any other proceeding and, if applicable, of the judgment thereon;

  • (h) information regarding the adjournment of a motion; and

  • (i) the date on which the case is taken under advisement and that on which judgment is rendered.

Marginal note:Change of address

 The parties and their counsel shall promptly advise the Clerk of any change of address.

Marginal note:Consultation of record

 A record may be consulted only in the presence of the Clerk. If the record cannot be consulted on the premises, the Clerk may permit its removal. In such cases, the Clerk shall require a written acknowledgment, which shall be filed in the record.

Marginal note:Removal of document

 Upon furnishing a receipt, and with the authorization of the Clerk, a party or a party’s counsel may remove a document that the party has filed in the record.

Marginal note:Photocopies

 The Clerk shall furnish photocopies at the expense of the party who requests them.

Marginal note:Filing of judgment

 When a judgment is filed, the Clerk shall send a copy to all the parties or their counsel and to the trial judge.


Marginal note:Format and quality of paper

 The size of the paper shall be 21.5 cm by 28 cm. White paper of good quality shall be used. Documents accompanying a motion or submitted with an argument in the case of an appeal proceeding on the basis of the fast track procedure may be 21.5 cm by 35.5 cm.

Marginal note:Style of cause
  •  (1) The style of cause in any proceeding shall include, in the following order, the name of the appellant, the name of the respondent and, if applicable, the names of the other parties.

  • (2) Under each party’s name, the status of the party in the appeal shall be indicated in upper-case letters, and the status of the party in first instance shall be indicated in lower-case letters.

  • (3) The style of cause shall remain the same for all proceedings during the appeal.

  • (4) In an appeal based on an extraordinary remedy, the decision maker that rendered the decision subject to review is designated as the mis en cause.