Supreme Court of Yukon Summary Conviction Appeal Rules, 2009 (SI/2012-64)

Regulations are current to 2017-11-20 and last amended on 2010-01-04. Previous Versions

FORM 1Supreme Court of Yukon

T.C. No.

S.C. No.





Notice of AppealParticulars of Decision on Appeal

  • 1 Name of Judge or Justice of the Peace at trial:

  • 2 Place of conviction, acquittal, sentence or order:

  • 3 Section(s) of Criminal Code or other Act, and the offence(s) which the appellant was convicted/acquitted of at trial

    (circle one)

  • 4 Plea(s) at trial:

  • 5 Length of trial:

  • 6 Date of conviction/acquittal at trial:

    (circle one)

  • 7 Date of sentence:

  • 8 Sentence at trial:

  • 9 Is appellant in custody?

    Since when?

TAKE NOTICE THAT the appellant appeals the conviction ☐ acquittal ☐ sentence ☐ order ☐ on the following grounds:

(Use additional sheet if necessary)

The relief sought is:

The appellant’s address for service is:

The appellant’s phone number is:

The appellant’s fax number is (if applicable):

The appellant’s email address is (if applicable):

Dated this day of , 20.

Appellant (or Appellant’s counsel or agent)

To: The Respondent

Notice of First Appearance

This appeal will be spoken to in Supreme Court criminal chambers on , the day of , 20, at o’clock in the A.M./P.M.

Clerk of the Appeal Court
Date modified: