Regulations Implementing the United Nations Resolutions on the Suppression of Terrorism

Version of section 1 from 2006-03-22 to 2006-06-22:

 The definitions in this section apply in these Regulations.


Canadian means an individual who is a citizen within the meaning of the Citizenship Act, or a body corporate incorporated or continued by or under the laws of Canada or a province. (Canadien)


entity means a body corporate, trust, partnership or fund or an unincorporated association or organization. (entité)

listed person

listed person means

  • (a) a person whose name appears on the list that the Committee of the Security Council of the United Nations, established by Resolution 1267 (1999) of October 15, 1999, establishes and maintains pursuant to that Resolution, Resolution 1333 (2000) of December 19, 2000 and Resolution 1390 (2002) of January 16, 2002; and

  • (b) a person whose name is listed in Schedule 1 in accordance with section 2. (personne inscrite)


Minister means the Minister of Foreign Affairs. (ministre)


person means an individual or an entity. (personne)


property means real and personal property of every description and deeds and instruments relating to or evidencing the title or right to property, or giving a right to recover or receive money or goods, and includes any funds, financial assets or economic resources. (bien)

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