Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada (SOR/2002-156)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2014-06-30. Previous Versions

Dispensing with Compliance

  •  (1) The Court, a judge or unless these Rules provide otherwise, the Registrar may, on motion or on their own initiative, excuse a party from complying with any of these Rules.

  • (2) The Court, a judge or the Registrar may refuse a document that does not comply with these Rules or that has not been served in accordance with these Rules or an order of the Court, a judge or the Registrar.

  • (3) Documents that do not comply with these Rules may be excluded from costs upon the order of the Court, a judge or the Registrar.


Business Hours

 The Registry of the Court shall be open every day except holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time unless otherwise directed by the Registrar.

  • SOR/2013-175, s. 3.

Registrar to Keep Records

 The Registrar shall keep all registers necessary for recording all activities in every proceeding.

  • SOR/2011-74, s. 4(F).

Official Languages

  •  (1) A party may use either English or French in any oral or written communication with the Court.

  • (2) Subject to subrule (3), the Registrar shall provide to the parties services for simultaneous interpretation in both official languages during the hearing of every proceeding.

  • (3) In the case of a motion to be heard by a judge or the Registrar, the Registrar shall provide the services referred to in subrule (2) upon request of any party to the motion, made at least two days before the hearing of the motion.


Order of Registrar Binding

 Subject to Rule 78, every order made by the Registrar shall be binding on all parties concerned as if the order had been made by a judge.

Reference to a Judge

 The Registrar may refer any matter before him or her to a judge.


Name of Party

 In the case of an application for leave to appeal, an appeal referred to in paragraph 33(c) or (d) or an originating motion, any party who is a corporation, a partnership or an unincorporated association shall file with the Registrar a notice of name in Form 14 to confirm its name in each of the official languages or to certify that it does not have a bilingual name.

  • SOR/2011-74, s. 5;
  • SOR/2013-175, s. 4.

Representation of Parties

  •  (1) Subject to Rule 17, counsel for a party in the court appealed from is deemed to be counsel before the Court.

  • (2) Subject to subrule (3), a party may either act in person or be represented by counsel.

  • (3) A corporation, partnership or unincorporated association shall be represented by counsel unless

    • (a) it was permitted to be represented by a person other than counsel in any of the lower courts and it chooses to continue to be represented by that person in the Court; or

    • (b) on motion, a judge grants it leave to be represented by a person other than counsel in accordance with the applicable federal or provincial legislative enactment.

  • SOR/2013-175, s. 5.