Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Band Order (SOR/2002-414)

Regulations are current to 2017-11-20

Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Band Order



Registration 2002-11-21

Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Band Order

P.C. 2002-1947  2002-11-21

Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, pursuant to paragraph (c) of the definition band in subsection 2(1) and to subsection 73(3) of the Indian Act, hereby makes the annexed Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Band Order.


 In this Order, adoption includes adoption in accordance with Innu custom.


 The body of Indians described in section 3 is hereby declared to be a band for the purposes of the Indian Act, to be known as the Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation.

 The Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation is the body of Indians consisting of

  • (a) the persons identified in Schedule 1; and

  • (b) every other person of Canadian Innu ancestry who, on November 19, 2002, was not registered in the Indian Register and who, on that day,

    • (i) was ordinarily resident in the location known as Sheshatshiu, as described in Schedule 2,

    • (ii) had been absent from the location for a period of not more than 12 months but was ordinarily resident in the location before that absence,

    • (iii) had been absent from the location for a period of more than 12 months for the purpose of education, employment, incarceration or for health reasons, including medical treatments, but was ordinarily resident in the location before that absence,

    • (iv) was absent from the location because of adoption or placement into foster care or a similar arrangement, but who was, or whose parents were, ordinarily resident in the location at the time of the adoption or placement, or

    • (v) was, whether by birth or adoption, the parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, child, grandchild, great-grandchild, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or first cousin of a person referred to in any of subparagraphs (i) to (iv).

Coming into Force

 This Order comes into force on the day on which it is registered.

SCHEDULE 1(Paragraph 3(a))

Column 1Column 2Column 3
Surname, Given NamesAlias/

Other Names

Date of Birth
ABRAHAM, Collin James1995-12-21
ABRAHAM, GeorgesGeorge1965-05-31
ABRAHAM, Georgina Samantha1989-06-14
ABRAHAM, Henry Joseph1963-02-07
ABRAHAM, Mary Anne1962-11-22
ABRAHAM, Sam George1993-11-28
ABRAHAM, ShusephineJosephine1926-01-07
ANDREW, Alexander1959-03-09
ANDREW, AnastasiaQUPEE1968-11-03
ANDREW, AngelaSarah1946-09-11
ANDREW, Anna MariaAnn Marie1955-05-23
ANDREW, Archie Etienne Joseph1974-05-21
ANDREW, Ashley Monique MinishkueshAshley Munik1993-10-23
ANDREW, Atshapi1991-01-21
ANDREW, Aurora Uastekun2000-05-01
ANDREW, Brenda1968-01-07
ANDREW, Caroline Anniette1985-10-31
ANDREW, Christine MarieRICH1985-12-01
ANDREW, Christopher DavidRICH1988-03-21
ANDREW, ClementineKUYPER1966-05-29
ANDREW, Damien Joey1991-07-06
ANDREW, Diane Louise1990-11-12
ANDREW, EdwardEtuet1943-01-02
ANDREW, Elena Elizabeth1982-06-27
ANDREW, Elizabeth Angela1981-07-07
ANDREW, Etienne1946-03-20
ANDREW, Geraldine May1968-03-01
ANDREW, Germaine1950-04-28
ANDREW, Gordon Anispuash1967-02-09
ANDREW, Gregorie BenGregory Sr.1953-06-12
ANDREW, Gregory Guy1977-02-13
ANDREW, Guy Raymond1967-08-18
ANDREW, Herbert1969-08-13
ANDREW, Hunter Tyrone2002-04-15
ANDREW, Isaiah Zack1997-05-02
ANDREW, Jack1966-12-23
ANDREW, Janice Mary1983-06-11
ANDREW, Jay Gene1988-09-13
ANDREW, JeannieNUNA1968-03-07
ANDREW, Jeremy James1985-05-22
ANDREW, Jonathan James1989-06-14
ANDREW, Joshua Paul Aaron1996-01-26
ANDREW, Kirk Robert1987-08-29
ANDREW, Laila Faith2000-02-25
ANDREW, Mani TenetMary Theresa1937-04-07
ANDREW, Maniatene Ketuna1995-08-21
ANDREW, Marie1989-09-12
ANDREW, Marie MarthaHURLEY1960-10-15
ANDREW, Martin1972-07-11
ANDREW, Martin Allen1992-10-09
ANDREW, Matthew1964-08-19
ANDREW, Matthew Joachim1987-07-31
ANDREW, Melissa Danielle Paige1994-07-29
ANDREW, Michelle Mary Adela1987-12-31
ANDREW, Neil1987-02-21
ANDREW, Neil Matthew1985-06-03
ANDREW, Noelle Melanie Alyssa1994-01-17
ANDREW, Noreen Claudia Amber1994-01-17
ANDREW, Nutin Jana1998-09-07
ANDREW, Paul DavidNUNA1988-01-11
ANDREW, Paula1957-06-23
ANDREW, Penute Aaron1987-12-09
ANDREW, Penute MatthewBen1954-12-24
ANDREW, Peter John1998-07-16
ANDREW, Philip Gordon1989-08-17
ANDREW, ShamanJean/John Marie1944-12-09
ANDREW, Simon Joseph1963-03-21
ANDREW, StellaRICH1969-06-06
ANDREW, Stueshish Matthew2001-07-25
ANDREW, TatianaRICH1989-07-07
ANDREW, Terrance Bradley1977-12-07
ANDREW, Victoria MadelineNUNA1985-11-19
ANDREW, Virginia DianePATER1972-08-11
ANDREW, Whitney Michelle1991-12-04
ANDREW-MONTAGUE, Austin Shushepesh1999-03-05
ANTUAN, Alexander Patrick1998-12-09
ANTUAN, Alexandra Kanani1996-12-04
ANTUAN, Anispuas Matshiu Makis2000-11-18
ANTUAN, Brett Ustnitshu Jacob1998-07-16
ANTUAN, DominicPENUNSI1988-07-01
ANTUAN, Jenny1974-02-09
ANTUAN, Maggie JuliePENUNSI1987-03-30
ANTUAN, Mary Julianna1984-10-09
ANTUAN, Patrick1968-09-12
ANTUAN, Prescilla Julie1975-04-30
ANTUAN, Sylvester1972-09-10
ASHINI, Andy Eric1997-01-23
ASHINI, CarolinaCaroline1968-01-03
ASHINI, Celina1957-08-18
ASHINI, Douglas DeanPONE1973-10-29
ASHINI, Helen1961-11-25
ASHINI, Jean BaptisteJohn Baptist1974-05-12
ASHINI, Kakuapukushi Iskuess1999-07-13
ASHINI, Laureen1980-08-19
ASHINI, Marcel1963-04-24
ASHINI, Paul1975-11-12
ASHINI, PhilomenaANDREW1974-05-12
ASHINI, Teueikan Dean1998-03-26
ASHINI, Wendy Alexandra Helen1996-01-02
ASTER, Agathe Philomene1994-09-11
ASTER, Christian HopeChristianne1992-03-08
ASTER, Danielle Justine1990-08-14
ASTER, Monique Anisha MadeleineMunik1993-09-13
BARTMAN, John Philip1989-06-28
BARTMANN, Anniette1967-01-17
BARTMANN, Christopher Hugo1991-02-21
BARTMANN, Govert Uikapishan Laurentius1992-08-08
BARTMANN, Victoria Elaine1997-03-28
BENUEN, Amanda Jane1986-03-03
BENUEN, Damiana1966-09-05
BENUEN, Germaine1969-04-16
BENUEN, James PaulPIWAS1986-12-17
BENUEN, Mandela Uashtuskun2002-01-05
BENUEN, Manish Sierra2000-04-06
BENUEN, Mary JudyPIWAS1966-04-09
BENUEN, Mary Pia1960-06-21
BENUEN, Mary Pia Charlotte1986-01-24
BENUEN, Norma DenisePIWAS1989-03-06
BENUEN, Sebastian1964-02-24
BENUEN, Sebastien Vinod1987-11-12
BLOWES, CatherinePENASHUE1968-11-30
BUDDEN, Ann Tracey1994-06-14
BUDDEN, Annette Marie1959-10-01
CLOWE, Beatrice Dawn1982-08-30
COLE, Stephen Miguel1997-09-27
COLLINS, Julie Ann2001-11-04
COLLINS, Shane Greg1999-11-22
COLLINS, Sue Ann1978-05-08
DAVEY-MICHELIN, Brooke Tyra Dawn1994-11-09
DAVEY-MICHELIN, Donovan1999-03-15
DAVEY-MICHELIN, Ethan1999-03-15
DAVEY-MICHELIN, Oliver Paul1997-05-03
DROVER, Jillian Maureen Mackinnon1973-06-08
DYKE, Garfield Christopher1985-04-01
DYKE, Harry Michael1987-01-15
DYKE, Josh Tieres Michael1999-11-24
DYKE, Mary1957-10-31
FIDDLER, BarbaraRICH1966-12-25
FILLIER MICHEL, Cheyenne Genevieve Sarah1995-06-28
GABRIEL, Ann Adeline Philomena1982-06-06
GABRIEL, Derek Brian1976-08-06
GABRIEL, Derek Yzerman Jaden2001-02-15
GABRIEL, Joachim Leonard1979-12-01
GABRIEL, Joan Lynn Olivia1983-07-04
GABRIEL, Jordan Colleen1998-02-05
GABRIEL, Joshua Simon2000-11-28
GABRIEL, Kansas Atshapiskeuss1996-01-31
GREGOIRE, Alena Angelita Gloria1999-12-26
GREGOIRE, AllisterPONE1991-10-13
GREGOIRE, Angela Pearl1984-01-11
GREGOIRE, Ann Philomena1983-01-17
GREGOIRE, Antonio Bobby1995-10-15
GREGOIRE, Beverley MichelleNUNA1988-01-11
GREGOIRE, Dominic1985-11-24
GREGOIRE, Gary Penunsi1976-05-08
GREGOIRE, Germaine1962-07-03
GREGOIRE, Janet Marie1975-11-08
GREGOIRE, Jean-Mathieu FrançoisJohn Matthew1985-12-17
GREGOIRE, Joey Mark Simon Shuenamake2001-09-01
GREGOIRE, Lauralee Kristen1995-01-25
GREGOIRE, Madeleine Nora1982-11-24
GREGOIRE, Maria Toni2000-08-11
GREGOIRE, Marie Philomena1965-02-22
GREGOIRE, Mary1969-02-04
GREGOIRE, Mary Anne1977-07-07
GREGOIRE, Michelle1980-08-22
GREGOIRE, Natalie Janet AlexandraNUNA1982-12-23
GREGOIRE, Nicholas Philip Benjamin1996-03-14
GREGOIRE, Patricia1978-10-10
GREGOIRE, Penash1991-02-13
GREGOIRE, Pien1960-06-06
GREGOIRE, Pien1992-06-22
GREGOIRE, Rachel Alexandra Diane1994-02-18
GREGOIRE, Sharon Tina1988-04-18
GREGOIRE, Theresa Elizabeth Cecilia1990-05-22
GREGOIRE, Theresa Mary Martha1982-07-09
GREGOIRE, Tobias PonneToby Sr.1954-12-12
GREGOIRE, Utaiehimau2002-01-22
GREGOIRE, Winnie Penunsi1975-05-14
HAJJAOUI, Abdal Raheem Nicholas Aidan2001-03-02
HAJJAOUI, Zachariah Mohamed Rick1993-04-17
HART, DavidJr.1977-03-14
HART, Eugene Michael1978-09-21
HART, Helene1958-02-13
HART, John George Gilbert1988-07-25
HART, Marilynn SharonMARTIN1976-04-02
HART, Paulette JaneSELMA1984-09-08
HILL, Amanda PearlNUNA1987-04-29
HILL, Daniel Ernest1975-08-21
HILL, Darlene Susan1971-05-03
HILL, Enum Harvey ThaddeeJACK1964-09-05
HILL, Marie JanineJulianna1953-03-07
HILL, Mary Janet Eileen1988-02-13
HILL, Tamarah Juliet1999-08-03
HURLEY, Ann Philomena1986-08-20
HURLEY, Calvin Max1977-12-20
HURLEY, Gillian Pearl1980-03-21
HURLEY, Jenny Ann2000-07-09
HURLEY, Mary Ann Elizabeth1976-11-26
HURLEY, Natasha Diane1982-07-28
HURLEY, Pamela Pearl1979-02-23
HURLEY, Seth Troy1998-11-12
HURLEY, Skyler Sara Uapakun2001-09-10
HURLEY, Trevor SimonANDREW1986-10-09
JACK, BarthelemyBart Jr.1972-06-27
JACK, Bartholomeu PetacheckBart Sr.1951-03-20
JACK, Cory Donovan1988-08-02
JACK, Cynthia-Marie1971-02-08
JACK, Daisy April Marie1999-10-28
JACK, Edwina1973-11-30
JACK, EmmaPOWELL1959-11-30
JACK, Farron Francis1994-10-31
JACK, Franz1956-07-25
JACK, Jean BaptisteJohn1953-06-09
JACK, Jerome Joseph1962-06-25
JACK, Jerome Michel1983-12-31
JACK, Jimmy Lee Brian1985-11-23
JACK, Jocelyn Tyler1994-01-26
JACK, John1974-05-02
JACK, Justine1954-08-24
JACK, Katie1967-02-03
JACK, Lucy Jane1993-02-11
JACK, Martha1971-09-03
JACK, Michel Pierre1929-09-30
JACK, Nathan Dean1990-12-27
JACK, NemiMarie/Naomi1953-01-13
JACK, Paul1963-08-17
JACK, Paul Joseph1982-01-05
JACK, PenamePhilomena1932-08-15
JACK, Pien Michel1988-06-27
JACK, PiennamishMCKAY, Philomene1950-08-02
JACK, Scott Steven1997-02-10
JACK, Timothy Joseph1974-12-07
JACQUE, Walter Ian John Lender1998-03-22
JOURDAIN, Stephanie LorettaRICH1990-09-10
KATSHINAK, Edna1971-02-04
KATSHINAK, John Charles1971-01-11
KATSHINAK, Kimberly Alice1994-03-31
KATSHINAK, Michael Pien1997-11-06
KATSHINAK, Nathan Magill2001-01-27
KUIJPER, Loreena Erika NastashKUYPER1999-02-08
KUYPER, Jocelyn Maria1996-11-20
MARTIN, Jaden Patrick1998-11-11
MARTIN, Kerrilyn Christina1999-12-04
MARTIN, Uapastan Benjamin John1996-03-03
MICHEL, AnnHURLEY1958-05-12
MICHEL, Anniette1981-03-15
MICHEL, Benjamin Simon1973-07-08
MICHEL, Daniel Joseph1999-09-20
MICHEL, Elizabeth1965-10-30
MICHEL, FrancescaSNOW1955-05-25
MICHEL, Helen Marie1980-01-19
MICHEL, HelleneGABRIEL1956-05-22
MICHEL, James Uikupishakun Benedict1978-07-21
MICHEL, Janet1960-06-02
MICHEL, Joachim1960-03-04
MICHEL, Joachim PhilipANDREW1983-01-25
MICHEL, Joachim SimonJoaquim, Joey1981-01-26
MICHEL, Joanna1964-04-03
MICHEL, JulienneJulianna1962-12-22
MICHEL, Kristina Julie AnneANDREW1988-05-24
MICHEL, Mani AnnMary Ann1927-06-10
MICHEL, Mani AnnSELMA, Mary Ann1922-06-19
MICHEL, Mary Louise1985-07-15
MICHEL, Paul Joseph1997-01-27
MICHEL, Penote JosephANDREW1987-04-19
MICHEL, PenutePenote Ben1954-06-28
MICHEL, Robin Lynn1986-09-17
MICHEL, Simon1920-12-24
MICHEL, Simon1968-04-21
MICHEL, TinaANDREW1962-12-26
MICHEL, Yvette Marie1979-09-23
MICHELE, Simon JohnANDREW1984-11-20
MICHELE, Theresa AnnANDREW1986-04-19
MICHELIN, Albert Charles1963-05-11
MICHELIN, Albert Timothy1987-06-16
MICHELIN, Douglas Todd2002-06-21
MICHELIN, Gordon TorstenJACQUE1991-10-11
MICHELIN, Ian John1970-02-18
MICHELIN, John Charles David1985-06-01
MICHELIN, Megan May1990-05-20
MICHELIN, Melissa Michelle1988-06-15
MICHELIN, Rosely1968-08-03
MICHELIN, Stella MadelineJACQUE1966-09-19
MILLEY, Alana MeechBLOWES2000-07-16
MILLEY, Bernadine Emma1975-07-24
MILLEY, Craig Raymond Patrick1991-01-01
MILLEY, Florence Lillian1977-02-23
MILLEY, Frederick Ralph George1986-07-04
MILLEY, Gordon Raymond1983-03-05
MILLEY, Kenneth Warrick1978-08-01
MILLEY, Sonia Kay1982-01-30
MILLEY, Warrick Hubert Jr.1987-06-22
MISTENAPEO, Leroy Edward1990-02-12
MISTENAPEO, Louis Thomas Edward1992-10-22
MISTENAPEO, Thomas Peneshion1994-08-02
MONTAGUE, Brenda RoseNUKE1970-11-11
MONTAGUE, David Scott1980-02-05
MONTAGUE, Gerry1975-06-07
MONTAGUE, Grace Joan1986-11-25
MONTAGUE, Herman GeorgeJr.1971-12-18
MONTAGUE, Mani AnnMary Ann1963-10-30
MONTAGUE, Michael ScottNUKE1990-07-14
MUSCAT, Denice MichelleHAJJAOUI/RICH1972-07-22
NUI, Alexander PhilipNUKE1986-08-23
NUI, April Raquel1998-04-16
NUI, CananineANDREW, Caroline1943-04-04
NUI, Claudia Angel1999-04-11
NUI, Daniel Victor1983-05-23
NUI, FrançoiseFrances1953-09-18
NUI, Garfield1977-11-04
NUI, JacquelineJackie1976-04-13
NUI, Marie JeanneMary Jane1952-07-12
NUI, Patrick Joseph1989-04-15
NUI, Sam JosephSamuel1946-09-02
NUKE, Ann Margaret1961-12-16
NUKE, Anne Philomena Madeline1988-04-19
NUKE, Antoine Gerald1962-02-26
NUKE, Betty1974-05-17
NUKE, Katelin1992-09-19
NUKE, Madeline Rose AnnDYKE, Betty1983-05-01
NUKE, Michael1966-12-27
NUKE, Patrick1966-12-27
NUKE, PonisPonas1937-03-02
NUKE, Ryan Scott1993-09-01
NUKE, Shane Michael1995-11-16
NUNA, Aaron Benjamin1996-02-12
NUNA, AdelinePOKUE1968-10-28
NUNA, Alexander Paul1974-04-08
NUNA, AnneRICH1975-05-03
NUNA, Anne Marie1982-03-26
NUNA, Anniette1932-09-10
NUNA, Anshenik Tenesh1992-06-18
NUNA, Antoine1962-11-22
NUNA, Ashley Nantem1994-09-03
NUNA, Basil1957-04-09
NUNA, Basil Jason1976-04-26
NUNA, Bobby James1996-03-23
NUNA, ChristaChristine1956-02-29
NUNA, Courtney Mary Philomena1989-11-26
NUNA, Craige Robert1991-10-11
NUNA, Cyrus McKenzie2001-04-03
NUNA, Danielle Cassandra Marie1990-12-19
NUNA, Daryl RodneyDarryl1993-02-07
NUNA, David Paul1964-12-05
NUNA, Deborah1976-12-08
NUNA, Edward1964-06-15
NUNA, Edwina Neomi Shakastueu1998-02-03
NUNA, Emmett1962-09-02
NUNA, Emmett Alexander1985-03-08
NUNA, Etienne Gregory1994-08-16
NUNA, Felicia Madeline1986-09-28
NUNA, FrancinePONE-PINETTE1978-12-31
NUNA, Gavin Bret1990-10-28
NUNA, George Enum1978-09-12
NUNA, George SheldonPOKUE1988-01-13
NUNA, Georgina ZeldaPOKUE1989-03-12
NUNA, GregoireGregory1966-08-16
NUNA, Gregory Matthew1992-11-02
NUNA, Jacques George1943-01-11
NUNA, James Joel Mathew1980-09-17
NUNA, Jan LucJohn Luke1965-09-22
NUNA, Jeremy Gabriel1994-06-13
NUNA, John Patrick1976-08-30
NUNA, Joseph Matthew1990-03-14
NUNA, Juliana Nova1997-10-28
NUNA, Justine1961-04-23
NUNA, KatyKatie1953-06-03
NUNA, Kayla Nicole1993-03-17
NUNA, Kenny1974-05-09
NUNA, Kevin1969-11-18
NUNA, Laura Paulette1997-10-19
NUNA, Mani KateninMary Kathleen1939-10-24
NUNA, ManishRICH1967-04-12
NUNA, Marc Matthew1992-08-30
NUNA, Margaret June1996-06-19
NUNA, Marie MadeleineMary Madeline1932-09-03
NUNA, Matthew Daniel1992-11-05
NUNA, Michel1981-01-12
NUNA, Nancy1969-10-26
NUNA, Noel Wayne1972-12-12
NUNA, Nuke Shushep2001-01-06
NUNA, Patricia1973-11-27
NUNA, Paul1950-02-02
NUNA, PaulJr.1977-05-24
NUNA, Paula1973-05-04
NUNA, Pauletta JaquelinePOKUE1985-07-07
NUNA, Pauline Marie1984-06-20
NUNA, Peter Paul1975-02-20
NUNA, Raymond1975-02-21
NUNA, RoseMONTAGUE1946-08-20
NUNA, Ross1971-05-05
NUNA, Sara Tammy Kimberly2000-01-09
NUNA, Sarah Jane Stella Marie1997-10-23
NUNA, Sebastian1953-08-12
NUNA, Shikuan Ishkuess2002-03-14
NUNA, Theresa1972-02-01
NUNA, Tracey AnneRICH1995-06-24
NUNA, Tristan Blaine1995-04-27
NUNA, Troy Dion1993-05-28
NUNA, Ulla Alice1964-07-16
NUNA, Yvonne1963-12-13
ORGAN, Markus Winter Sebastian ShanamauGREGOIRE2002-01-31
OSMOND, Alexandria AprilANDREW1988-02-23
OSMOND, Alexis Mia2001-10-03
OSMOND, Anastasia1968-06-03
OSMOND, Frederick Joseph1969-05-18
OSMOND, Mary May1950-05-17
OSMOND, Melinda Jane Agathe1986-01-05
OSMOND, Rodney Pat1992-07-08
OSMOND, Simon Benedict1970-12-09
PAQUIN, VeroniquePOKUE, Veronica/

RICH, Veronica

PASTEEN, Elizabeth MariePOKUE/BASTIEN1951-06-26
PASTITSHI, Caroline1962-06-15
PASTITSHI, Michel1964-08-10
PASTITSHI, Raymond1972-01-11
PASTIWET, Samson Etienne1981-04-14
PATER, Aaron Evert-Jan1999-11-06
PATER, Amber Faye1999-11-06
PATER, Aurora Elizabeth1995-05-09
PATER, Candice Nadine1990-07-03
PATER, Martika Paige1992-07-13
PATER, Yantina Marriette2002-05-31
PENASHUE, Andrew1966-12-01
PENASHUE, Anthony1994-05-02
PENASHUE, AntoineAntuan/Anthony1949-05-07
PENASHUE, Barbara1973-04-21
PENASHUE, Basile1961-03-28
PENASHUE, Beatrice1999-11-16
PENASHUE, Bernice1974-07-30
PENASHUE, Clara1956-08-10
PENASHUE, David1975-02-01
PENASHUE, Destiny Luanda Lisette2000-03-03
PENASHUE, EmmaMILLEY1957-06-10
PENASHUE, Farrah Shakastueu Pishum2001-01-25
PENASHUE, Florence Marie1979-07-05
PENASHUE, Geraldine Bertha1972-09-12
PENASHUE, Germaine Susanne2000-06-14
PENASHUE, Gregory Maxwell1982-01-05
PENASHUE, Hannah Martyne1994-09-10
PENASHUE, JacquesJack1967-02-11
PENASHUE, Jamien Bendix2000-07-14
PENASHUE, Jenica Therese1995-07-17
PENASHUE, Jolene Mary Hazel1994-01-24
PENASHUE, Joseph1966-08-08
PENASHUE, LaureenPASTEEN1975-06-16
PENASHUE, Lila1979-12-28
PENASHUE, Lisa Marie1977-06-06
PENASHUE, Lisette1930-04-03
PENASHUE, LouisNui1932-01-03
PENASHUE, Louis SimeoRICH1990-06-12
PENASHUE, Louisa1954-05-25
PENASHUE, Maniaten1997-10-15
PENASHUE, ManiatinMary Adele1932-11-27
PENASHUE, Margaret AdeleRICH1989-05-15
PENASHUE, Marie AngelaMary Angela1961-11-16
PENASHUE, Marie PhilomenePhilomena1949-03-05
PENASHUE, Mary Ann1964-09-22
PENASHUE, Maurice1959-08-07
PENASHUE, Megan PauletteRICH1990-04-25
PENASHUE, Melvin1976-01-04
PENASHUE, Nathan Gabriel1991-08-23
PENASHUE, NaysaTUMA, Naissa1936-12-06
PENASHUE, Nicole1991-01-01
PENASHUE, Nikashantess Mackenzie1992-06-20
PENASHUE, Nishapet Pishom Shanet1994-08-13
PENASHUE, Patrick1968-10-04
PENASHUE, PaulinePONE1977-03-06
PENASHUE, Peter1964-04-09
PENASHUE, Peter Robert1985-12-19
PENASHUE, Pien1926-11-26
PENASHUE, Pupun Halina1996-02-09
PENASHUE, Robert James1994-04-13
PENASHUE, Robert Travis1981-06-16
PENASHUE, ShimumSimeo1928-09-08
PENASHUE, Stephen George1994-02-03
PENASHUE, Thea1989-04-23
PENUNSI, Alexander Matthew1988-06-15
PENUNSI, AliceRICH1985-11-17
PENUNSI, Bernadette1970-01-21
PENUNSI, Brenden Lee1993-04-24
PENUNSI, Christa Nicole1998-12-11
PENUNSI, Clarence John Kyle Pishimuss2001-12-23
PENUNSI, Cordaryl Sebastian1987-07-10
PENUNSI, Crystal Alexandra Diane1995-03-10
PENUNSI, Donovan Nathan1998-03-28
PENUNSI, Irene Margaret1981-11-04
PENUNSI, Isabel Agnes1986-07-31
PENUNSI, Joey Pien Tumanik1999-06-23
PENUNSI, JudithJudy1964-03-12
PENUNSI, Kristen1981-05-24
PENUNSI, Kristy AnneRICH1984-09-02
PENUNSI, Linda Marie1983-04-06
PENUNSI, Lizette1990-06-06
PENUNSI, MagdaleneMadeline1959-04-12
PENUNSI, Mario Austin Joey2000-05-19
PENUNSI, Matthew1991-03-28
PENUNSI, Pien DanielNUNA1981-02-20
PENUNSI, Raven Julie Margaret1977-06-08
PENUNSI, RoxanneRICH1971-08-03
PENUNSI, Sheldon PaulNUI1983-06-02
PENUNSI, Sheyenne Elizabeth1992-04-21
PENUNSI, Shinipest1998-02-22
PENUNSI GREGOIRE, Roger1978-08-06
PIWAS, Monique Amanda JaneMunik1993-07-07
POKUE, Alicia Marie2000-07-13
POKUE, Anastasia Philomena1986-08-11
POKUE, Andrew1971-11-30
POKUE, Anne MargaretPENASHUE1983-02-12
POKUE, AntoinetteRICH1964-12-28
POKUE, Bart Joseph1974-09-28
POKUE, Benoit JosephPONE1984-02-21
POKUE, ChanotPENASHUE, Charlotte1930-09-07
POKUE, Cody Joseph Jerome2001-03-02
POKUE, CortlandMichel Cortland1998-08-17
POKUE, Cortland Kenneth1977-09-09
POKUE, Fortunate Joseph1949-08-30
POKUE, Frank1972-06-30
POKUE, Irene1975-12-16
POKUE, Jennifer1971-05-07
POKUE, Jerome1979-12-16
POKUE, Joseph1949-06-11
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POKUE, Makan Douglas1993-12-15
POKUE, MarcelJACK1981-11-03
POKUE, Mary AnnNUKE1985-04-19
POKUE, Mathias Kenneth1997-01-25
POKUE, Matish2000-03-28
POKUE, Megan PriscillaMICHEL1990-07-07
POKUE, Michel1979-08-28
POKUE, Ponas Dominique1986-04-29
POKUE, Rose MariePENASHUE1966-01-02
POKUE, Simon1961-05-28
POKUE, Simon PeterGREGOIRE1981-09-28
POKUE, Sylvester1983-06-15
POKUE, Sylvia MariePENASHUE1982-02-13
POKUE, Theresa AnnePONE1982-01-12
POKUE, Timothy Paul1985-04-29
POKUE, Tony Joseph1998-09-17
POKUE, Veronica Madeleine1986-03-19
PON, Stephan FrancPONE, Etienne1955-03-10
PONE, Abraham DanianApenam1951-04-06
PONE, Agathe Marie1957-09-30
PONE, Allan Marcel1983-03-20
PONE, Andrew1980-01-23
PONE, Ann Theresa1998-04-08
PONE, Billy Mathias1993-11-07
PONE, Brian1975-03-21
PONE, Charles1958-12-15
PONE, Donald1962-11-02
PONE, Elizabeth1978-07-30
PONE, Etien Kumiss2000-07-31
PONE, Gabriel MichaelGilbert1983-10-08
PONE, JeannettaJanet1956-11-07
PONE, Jerome1945-05-17
PONE, Jerome Jr.1973-11-08
PONE, Jerome KevinNUNA1990-09-29
PONE, JoseJosie1964-01-08
PONE, Josie1971-02-08
PONE, Judith Mary JosephHILL1948-12-01
PONE, Marie CatherineMary1962-01-22
PONE, Mary Agatha2000-12-20
PONE, Mary CharlotteKATSHINAK1991-12-29
PONE, Mary Julianna1971-05-10
PONE, Mary Lou1986-01-28
PONE, Mathias Aganeh1934-10-25
PONE, Maxwell1978-05-19
PONE, Melissa KimberlyNUNA1988-07-22
PONE, Monique Carol1985-01-22
PONE, Nancy1975-03-10
PONE, Nelly Philomena1976-06-07
PONE, Nympha Geraldine1988-12-06
PONE, Paul1977-05-05
PONE, PenashPhyllis1926-01-05
PONE, Peter Simon1974-11-11
PONE, Pien Joseph1964-09-30
PONE, Ponis1957-02-14
PONE, SandraNUNA1967-12-05
PONE, Sarah Jane1991-11-21
PONE, Scott Rodney Dylan1993-06-26
PONE, Shawn Paul1987-05-06
PONE, Sheena Louisa1986-09-15
PONE, Stephanie Ketonia1986-10-02
PONE, Theresa Ann1987-01-26
PONE, Timothy Mark1982-02-27
PONE, Tommy1960-02-24
PONE, Tony1978-04-23
PONE, Tyrone Pien Thomas James2000-04-01
PONE, WilhelminaSELMA, Mina1955-03-25
PONE-PINETTE, Danica Julie Madeline1994-06-19
PONE-PINETTE, Maskushish ShusepMiskushish1998-08-04
PONE-PINETTE, Nascha Marie Ocean2000-11-05
POWELL, Jodi Mani Claudia2002-01-28
QUPEE, Kilabuk Benedict1993-07-14
RICH, Allison Marie1988-08-07
RICH, Angel Pishumuss2001-12-18
RICH, Angela1972-10-15
RICH, Angela Marie1984-05-29
RICH, AnispuasAlphonse1972-01-12
RICH, Anne1975-05-01
RICH, Annie1965-12-10
RICH, Anthonia Rita1985-07-03
RICH, Benedict Joseph1982-09-05
RICH, Benoit Maverick Charles Eric Cameron Michel1996-11-30
RICH, Carl AlexanderRICHE1989-12-09
RICH, Chantal Elizabeth1991-03-06
RICH, Christine1967-11-21
RICH, Colin George1992-08-18
RICH, David1963-02-18
RICH, Desmond Blain1977-01-01
RICH, Dominic Patrick1992-11-14
RICH, Dominique1966-02-19
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RICH, Edward Patrick1953-11-02
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RICH, Eric Lionel1995-03-28
RICH, Ethan Penua James Shukapesh2001-01-07
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RICH, Evelyne SuzanneGREGOIRE1954-12-03
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RICH, Germaine Gillian Stephanie1986-01-06
RICH, Germaine Hellena1957-06-16
RICH, Gregory1969-01-23
RICH, Gregory Alexander1992-08-14
RICH, Ian1974-12-26
RICH, Isaac Benoit Damian2002-03-07
RICH, James Gordon1992-05-07
RICH, James ShawnNUNA1988-12-23
RICH, Jim1963-09-12
RICH, Johnny1959-04-26
RICH, Johnny James1989-09-25
RICH, Jonas Ben1976-11-27
RICH, JosephRICHE, Josef Tshekash1963-03-29
RICH, Josephine-Marie1959-02-22
RICH, Kellye Madeleine1993-03-08
RICH, Kenny1974-01-20
RICH, Leona1960-11-03
RICH, Lionel1956-03-16
RICH, Lisa Marie1980-04-13
RICH, Lorraine1969-11-13
RICH, LouisaWHELAN1970-12-28
RICH, Louisa1983-04-27
RICH, LucyHILL1965-09-22
RICH, Luke1965-09-27
RICH, Mani KatineMary Kathleen1939-04-13
RICH, Mani ShusepMary Josette1938-06-11
RICH, Marcella Marie1984-10-09
RICH, Marie Josette1986-07-29
RICH, Martina Roberta1997-01-14
RICH, Mary ElizabethNUKE1989-04-15
RICH, Mary Julianna1961-08-10
RICH, Max1974-04-01
RICH, Maximilien Gustave1986-09-14
RICH, Megan Margaret1990-03-27
RICH, Melanie Evelyn2000-01-02
RICH, Melissa Charlotte1998-09-27
RICH, Michael Jordon1991-03-19
RICH, Michael Thomas1983-09-30
RICH, Michel1961-06-09
RICH, Nanshi Danielle1994-12-22
RICH, Naomi1970-09-04
RICH, Paul1966-10-29
RICH, Paul Jason1975-07-19
RICH, Paul TommyPENASHUE1998-12-02
RICH, Penote1992-06-18
RICH, Philip Joseph1987-11-07
RICH, Philomena Alice1992-01-25
RICH, Rachelle Maggie Alexis1996-12-19
RICH, Randy Benoit1980-12-30
RICH, Raphael Dominic1981-01-09
RICH, Raphanel George1988-12-22
RICH, Rebecca Louise1990-02-07
RICH, River Paul1998-07-07
RICH, Rosaline Charlotte1978-08-13
RICH, Ryan Michael1993-03-15
RICH, Sasha Michelle1998-08-19
RICH, Scott Daniel1991-05-30
RICH, Sebastian Joseph1982-06-07
RICH, Sebastian Matthew Jerome2000-08-10
RICH, Sebastien1960-03-10
RICH, Sebastien Joseph1992-05-25
RICH, Seraphine Marie1980-05-07
RICH, ShemunSimeo1940-03-17
RICH, Shikun Thomas2000-06-25
RICH, Stephen1971-03-19
RICH, Suzanne1960-05-24
RICH, Suzanne MarieGREGOIRE1985-05-15
RICH, Suzy AnnSuzie Anna1972-11-19
RICH, Sylvester Ben1982-07-16
RICH, Tanishia Sydney Jane1996-11-30
RICH, Theresa1981-05-27
RICH, Tony1973-08-12
RICH, Wayne1974-02-10
RICH, William1968-10-05
RICHE, Clinton MatthiasRICH1997-08-26
RICHE, Dana TheresaRICH1986-11-09
RICHE, Eugene Enum LeoRICH1986-01-28
RICHE, FrancesRICH1998-04-06
RICHE, June Isabel1999-06-15
RICHE, Marie MarthaRICH, Mary Martha1965-01-23
ROSSIGNOL, Jesse Atshapi1999-11-25
ROSSIGNOL, Micheal Mikwpishaken1972-12-21
SAUNDERS, Michael Patrick Randall1999-07-12
SAUNDERS, Shanin Patuish2001-10-06
SELLON, Shaun James Patrick1995-09-05
SELMA, AniceMICHELIN, Agnes1944-12-29
SELMA, Annette Marie1990-06-14
SELMA, BrendaPENASHUE1971-06-29
SELMA, HenriettaHarrietta1975-09-25
SELMA, Jack1957-09-20
SELMA, Jean MarieGERMAIN, John1952-09-14
SELMA, Joseph Abram2001-10-21
SELMA, Joseph PasteenBasil1949-06-14
SELMA, Luke Pien Joseph1987-02-25
SELMA, Mary TheresaRICH1990-07-23
SELMA, Paul Penute1984-11-17
SELMA, Shawn T.RICH1988-11-04
SELMA, ShirleyHILL1982-02-11
SELMA, Sonia EvelynRICH1992-01-01
SELMA, Tonya1991-09-22
SLANEY, Robyn Sheilah1998-02-19
SNOW, Audrey Muriel1984-02-05
SNOW, Cherish Shalome Lourdes2000-07-15
SNOW, Clarence Gerald1974-06-29
SNOW, Dakotah Free1995-06-25
SNOW, Francis George1978-03-10
SNOW, Michelle Angela1976-04-25
TSHKAPESH, Tenesh Marie1999-04-08
WALSH, Johnathan1982-09-15

SCHEDULE 2(Subparagraph 3(b)(i))Description — Sheshatshiu, Newfoundland and Labrador

All that parcel of land situated in the Electoral District of Lake Melville in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador as shown on a plan of survey certified by Neil E. Parrott CLS, NLS, dated March 31, 2000, a copy of which is recorded in the Atlantic Office of Natural Resources Canada, Legal Surveys Division as Plan No. 2001-002 RSAtl.; said parcel being more precisely described as follows:

Commencing at a point on the Ordinary High Water Mark of Little Lake, a body of water separating the village of North West River and the village of Sheshatshiu;

Thence on a bearing of S05-00-20W, a distance of 394.16 m to the northerly boundary of Route 520 leading to North West River;

Thence on a bearing of S04-59-52W, a distance of 30.65 m to the southerly boundary of the said Route 520;

Thence on a bearing of S04-59-51W, a distance of 27.50 m to the northerly boundary of the Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Easement;

Thence on a bearing of S04-59-52W, a distance of 20.02 m to the southerly boundary of the Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Easement;

Thence on a bearing of S04-59-52W, a distance of 85.18 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of S00-08-27W, a distance of 471.17 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of S00-12-04W, a distance of 573.56 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of S00-12-06W, a distance of 476.23 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of S00-37-57W, a distance of 269.91 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of S47-10-48E, a distance of 790.05 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of S55-10-47E, a distance of 1843.78 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of N72-28-16E, a distance of 337.83 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of N19-09-06E, a distance of 767.95 m to a point on the westerly boundary of the North West Point Portage so-called;

Thence on a bearing of N09-42-32W, a distance of 126.93 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of N16-12-11W, a distance of 58.25 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of N04-40-54E, a distance of 163.19 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of N19-07-19E, a distance of 45.68 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of N01-16-46E, a distance of 59.94 m to a point;

Thence on a bearing of N15-55-40E, a distance of 66.20 m to a point on the southerly boundary of the road to North West Point;

Thence on a bearing of N23-05-51E, a distance of 30.48 m to a point on the northerly boundary of the said road to North West Point;

Thence on a bearing of N00-35-58E, a distance of 106.88 m to a point on the Ordinary High Water Mark of the Waters of The Bight in Lake Melville;

Thence along that Ordinary High Water Mark in a northerly and westerly direction, a distance of 4252 m more or less to the point of commencement.

Prepared by:

Gordon P. Isaacs CLS, NBLS, NSLS

Natural Resources Canada

Legal Surveys Division — Atlantic

Date modified: