Seaway Property Regulations (SOR/2003-105)

Regulations are current to 2014-04-02

Fire Protection

 Every person in the Seaway or on Seaway property shall follow the fire protection and prevention measures reasonably necessary for the safety of persons and property, taking into account the activities and goods in the Seaway and on Seaway property.

Dangerous Situations

 Every person who by act or omission causes a dangerous situation in the Seaway or on Seaway property shall

  • (a) take one or both of the following precautions:

    • (i) post the notices, deploy the lights and erect the fences, barricades or other devices that are necessary to prevent accidents and to protect persons and property, or

    • (ii) station a person at the site of the dangerous situation to warn persons of the danger;

  • (b) take appropriate measures to prevent injury to persons or damage to property; and

  • (c) notify the Manager without delay as to the nature of the dangerous situation and the precautions that have been taken and their location.


 Despite any other provision of these Regulations, a person may, in the Seaway or on Seaway property, conduct an activity set out in column 1 of the schedule without having a contract, lease or licence or an authorization given by the Manager or complying with the conditions of an authorization for the duration of an emergency situation if

  • (a) the activity is required as a result of an emergency situation that jeopardizes the safety of persons or threatens to cause damage to property or the environment; and

  • (b) without delay, the person conducting the activity submits a written report to the Manager describing the activity and explaining why the situation was regarded as an emergency.

 If a situation causes or is likely to cause death, bodily injury or any other emergency situation in the Seaway or on Seaway property or is likely to damage property or the environment, every person directly involved in the situation and, in the case of an activity conducted under a contract, lease, licence or authorization, the person authorized to conduct the activity shall

  • (a) without delay, notify the Manager that there is an emergency situation;

  • (b) submit a detailed written report of the emergency situation to the Manager as soon as possible after it begins; and

  • (c) at the request of the Manager, submit with the report a copy of each report of the emergency situation that the person makes to municipal, provincial and federal authorities.

Accidents and Incidents

 A person who does anything in the Seaway or on Seaway property that results in an incident involving material loss or damage or an explosion, fire, accident, grounding, stranding or incident of pollution shall submit a detailed written report of the incident to the Manager without delay.

Precautionary Measures

  •  (1) If, in the Seaway or on Seaway property, a person conducts an activity that is likely to have any of the results prohibited under section 5 and the activity does not require an authorization under these Regulations, the Manager may instruct the person conducting the activity to cease the activity or to take the precautions necessary to mitigate or prevent the result.

  • (2) The person shall immediately comply with the instructions of the Manager.