Marine Transportation Security Regulations (SOR/2004-144)

Regulations are current to 2014-06-12 and last amended on 2008-12-15. Previous Versions

Occasional-Use Marine Facility Security Officer


  •  (1) An occasional-use marine facility security officer may

    • (a) act in that capacity for more than one occasional-use marine facility if they are able to fulfil the responsibilities for each occasional-use marine facility;

    • (b) have other responsibilities within the operator’s organization if they are able to fulfil their responsibilities; and

    • (c) delegate tasks required by section 358.

  • (2) An occasional-use marine facility security officer remains responsible for the performance of the tasks they delegate.

  • SOR/2006-269, s. 11.


 An occasional-use marine facility security officer shall have, by training or job experience, knowledge and competence that is relevant to the industry in which the marine facility operates and is in the following areas:

  • (a) the administrative and organizational structure for security at the occasional-use marine facility;

  • (b) the operations and operating conditions of the occasional-use marine facility and vessels;

  • (c) the security procedures of the occasional-use marine facility, vessels and port, including the meaning and the requirements of the different MARSEC levels;

  • (d) emergency preparedness and response and contingency planning;

  • (e) security equipment and systems and their operational limitations;

  • (f) relevant international conventions, codes, standards and recommendations;

  • (g) relevant legislation, regulations and security measures, rules and procedures; and

  • (h) the responsibilities and functions of municipal, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies.


 An occasional-use marine facility security officer shall

  • (a) ensure security awareness and vigilance at the occasional-use marine facility, including awareness of changes in the MARSEC level and other circumstances that might affect work conditions there;

  • (b) ensure that appropriate security training is provided to personnel at the occasional-use marine facility in accordance with this Part;

  • (c) report security incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and the Minister as soon as possible after they occur so that an investigation can be conducted;

  • (d) coordinate the signing and implementation of the declaration of security between the occasional-use marine facility and interfacing vessel;

  • (e) shall, in the case of an interface with a vessel to which Part 2 applies, ensure that

    • (i) security sweeps are performed before and after the interface in order to confirm the absence of security threats, dangerous substances or devices, and

    • (ii) implement any temporary security procedures that are required during the interface; and

  • (f) keep records of security sweeps and declarations of security in respect of the occasional-use marine facility and send a copy of each declaration of security to the Minister.