Pacific Aquaculture Regulations (SOR/2010-270)

Regulations are current to 2017-12-11 and last amended on 2015-05-01. Previous Versions

  •  (1) If, during a given year, a condition in an aquaculture licence is amended to modify the quantity of fish authorized to be cultivated or the area within which shellfish is authorized to be cultivated, the annual fee payable for that particular year must be recalculated.

  • (2) In the event that the annual fee is recalculated, the Minister must amend the conditions of the licence respecting the payment of the fee to reflect any increase if the specific amount of each annual fee is set out in the licence.

  • SOR/2015-96, s. 4.

Incidental Catch

 Unless the retention of incidental catch is expressly authorized by an aquaculture licence, every person who catches a fish incidentally must immediately return it, if it is alive, to waters outside the aquaculture facility in a manner that causes it the least harm.

Keeping and Producing Licence

 Every holder of an aquaculture licence must

  • (a) keep the licence or a copy of it in the aquaculture facility and produce it on the demand of a fishery officer or fishery guardian; and

  • (b) when engaged in activities authorized by the licence outside the facility, produce the licence or a copy of it on the demand of a fishery officer or fishery guardian.


 A person must not engage in aquaculture or prescribed activities except under the authority of an aquaculture licence.

Consequential Amendments

Fishery (General) Regulations





Pacific Fishery Regulations, 1993


Marine Mammal Regulations


Coming into Force

 These Regulations come into force on December 18, 2010.

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