Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012 (SOR/2011-318)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2015-07-16. Previous Versions

Screening of Non-passengers

Marginal note:Non-passenger screening facilities

 The operator of an aerodrome must make facilities available for non-passenger screening checkpoints at restricted area access points and at locations inside restricted areas.

  • SOR/2012-48, s. 4.
Marginal note:Non-passenger access to restricted areas

 The operator of an aerodrome must, in accordance with a security measure, ensure that non-passengers enter a restricted area at the aerodrome only through a restricted area access point where screening is carried out.

  • SOR/2014-161, s. 1.
Marginal note:Notice — liquids, aerosols or gels

 The operator of an aerodrome must ensure that non-passengers who access sterile areas are notified of any restrictions on the possession of liquids, aerosols or gels in sterile areas.

  • SOR/2012-48, s. 4.

Screening of Checked Baggage

Marginal note:Checked baggage screening facilities

 The operator of an aerodrome must make facilities available for the screening of checked baggage and baggage intended to be checked baggage.

  • SOR/2012-48, s. 4;
  • SOR/2014-153, s. 10.

Baggage Handling Systems

Marginal note:No change without agreement

 If the operator of an aerodrome is responsible for a baggage handling system, the operator must not make any change to the system that may affect screening operations unless the change is agreed to by CATSA.

  • SOR/2012-48, s. 4.

Division 6Access Controls


Marginal note:Division overview

 This Division sets out the regulatory framework for the protection of security-sensitive areas of aerodromes.


Marginal note:Sign requirements
  •  (1) The operator of an aerodrome must post signs on the outside of each restricted area access point and each security barrier. Each sign must

    • (a) be in at least both official languages;

    • (b) identify the restricted area as a restricted area; and

    • (c) state that access to the area is restricted to authorized persons.

  • Marginal note:Signs on security barriers

    (2) The signs posted on a security barrier must be no more than 150 m apart.

Restricted Area Access Points

Marginal note:Access control system

 The operator of an aerodrome must ensure that each restricted area access point that allows access from a non-restricted area to a restricted area has an access control system consisting of one or more of the following elements:

  • (a) surveillance by a person authorized by the operator of the aerodrome to control access to the restricted area;

  • (b) manual locking equipment; and

  • (c) automated access control equipment.

  • SOR/2012-48, s. 5.