FORM 1(Rule 8)Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

Expert Witness Declaration

(Style of Cause)

I, (name), resident in (city), in the (province/territory) of (name of province or territory) declare that

  • (a) I have been retained by (name of party/parties) to provide evidence in the matter (style of cause);

  • (b) it is my duty to provide evidence in relation to this proceeding as follows:

    • (i) to provide opinion evidence that is impartial,

    • (ii) to provide opinion evidence that is related only to matters that are within my area of expertise, and

    • (iii) to provide any additional assistance that the Board may reasonably require to determine a matter at issue.

  • (c) I acknowledge that the duties referred to above take precedence over any obligation which I may owe to any party by whom or on whose behalf I am engaged.

Dated at (place and province or territory) this (date) day of (month), (year).

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