Manitoba Pullet Marketing Administration Levies Order (SOR/80-531)

Regulations are current to 2018-07-05

Manitoba Pullet Marketing Administration Levies Order



Registration 1980-07-10

Order Providing for the Fixing, Imposing and Collection of Levies Upon Certain Pullet Producers

The Manitoba Egg Producers’ Marketing Board, pursuant to section 4 of the Manitoba Pullet Order hereby makes the annexed Order providing for the fixing, imposing and collection of levies upon certain pullet producers.

Dated at Winnipeg, Manitoba, this 3rd day of July, 1980

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Manitoba Pullet Marketing Administration Levies Order.


 In this Order,


Act means the Natural Products Marketing Act of Manitoba; (Loi)

Commodity Board

Commodity Board means the Manitoba Egg Producers’ Marketing Board established pursuant to the Act; (Office)


Plan[Revoked, SOR/90-77, s. 1]


pullet means the female of any class of domestic chicken belonging to the species Gallus Domesticus that is less than 20 weeks of age and produced for the purpose of laying eggs for human consumption; (poulette)


producer means any person who raises or keeps pullets in the Province of Manitoba. (producteur)

  • SOR/90-77, s. 1.


 Every producer shall pay to the Commodity Board a levy of one cent per pullet marketed by him in interprovincial and export trade.

  • SOR/81-366, s. 1.

Method of Payment

 A producer shall pay to the Commodity Board all levies payable in respect of pullets marketed by that producer in any week, not later than seven days after the last day of the week, together with a report indicating the purchasers and recipients of those pullets and the number of pullets each received.

  • SOR/90-77, s. 2.
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