NFPMC General Rules of Procedure (SOR/82-641)

Regulations are current to 2017-12-11

SCHEDULE II(s. 25)National Farm Products Marketing Council




(no., street)

(city, province) (postal code)

You are hereby summoned and required to attend at a hearing conducted by the above-mentioned National Farm Products Marketing Council to give evidence concerning the matters relevant to the mandate of the Council and to bring with you and produce the following documents and things

Please be present at the time and place indicated below and thereafter until the hearing is concluded or the Council otherwise orders.


(date) (time)


(no., street)

(city, province)

If you fail to attend and give evidence at the hearing or inquiry or to produce the documents or things specified at the time and place indicated, without lawful excuse, you may be prosecuted and punished by fine or imprisonment.

Signed at


on 19


on behalf of the Council.

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