Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (SOR/86-304)

Regulations are current to 2014-09-01 and last amended on 2014-05-29. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE III(Subsections 16.7(3) and (4))


Column 1Column 2
ItemSupplies and EquipmentQuantity
1.Guide on wilderness first aid1
2.30 mL (6 teaspoonsful) table salt, sealed in strong plastic bag1
3.30 mL (6 teaspoonsful) baking soda (not baking powder), sealed in strong plastic bag1
4.60 mL (12 teaspoonsful) sugar, sealed in strong plastic bag1
5.1 litre plastic bags5
6.Large plastic garbage bags2
7.Patient treatment record forms, which include vital sign recording sections3
8.Oral temperature thermometer in an unbreakable case1
9.Emergency signalling mirror1
10.Blanket: emergency, pocket size1
11.Anti-itch ointment/lotion/swabs (10-pack)2
12.Scissors: super shears1
13.Bags: disposable, waterproof, emesis4
14.Burn jelly (5 mL)4
15.Plastic bags: waterproof and sealable for disposal of contaminated waste2
16.Cold packs: instant type2
17.Hot packs: instant type2

Note: In addition to the type A first aid kit and the above items, an effective means of communication with the base camp of operations must be available. The contents of a type A first aid kit are set out in Schedule II.

  • SOR/2000-328, s. 2.