On Board Trains Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 10.20 from 2006-03-22 to 2015-09-10:

  •  (1) All materials, goods and things shall be stored and placed in rolling stock in such a manner that the maximum safe load-carrying capacity of the floor of the rolling stock or other supporting structures is not exceeded.

  • (2) No materials, goods or things shall be stored or placed in rolling stock in a manner that may

    • (a) reduce the distribution of light;

    • (b) obstruct or encroach on corridors or exits;

    • (c) impede the safe operation of the rolling stock;

    • (d) obstruct the ready access to or the use and operation of fire protection equipment;

    • (e) interfere with the operation of fixed fire protection equipment; or

    • (f) be hazardous to the safety or health of any employee.

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