Committee members may participate in meetings by telephone or other means of telecommunication.


  •  (1) When referring a matter to the Committee, the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s delegate shall send to the Committee Chairman, as the case may be,

    • (a) a bound copy of the record required to be furnished under subsection 33(3) of the Act, including the style of the cause and an index; or

    • (b) three bound copies of the record referred to in subsection 45.15(4) or 45.25(3) of the Act, including in each case the style of the cause and an index.

  • (2) The Commissioner or the Commissioner’s delegate shall certify by affidavit that the record required to be provided to the Committee Chairman by the Commissioner in respect of a matter referred to the Committee has been so provided.

  • (3) In the case of a matter referred under section 33 of the Act, the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s delegate shall certify by affidavit that the appropriate officer and the member presenting the grievance have each been provided with a copy of the record sent to the Committee pursuant to subsection (1)(a).

  • SOR/91-544, s. 3;
  • SOR/97-437, s. 1.


  •  (1) In the course of reviewing a matter referred to the Committee by the Commissioner, the Committee Chairman may permit the parties and interested persons to file written submissions for the purpose of clarifying the matter.

  • (2) On receiving the submission from a party or interested person, the Committee Chairman shall provide a copy of it to all other parties and interested persons.

  • (3) Any of the parties or interested persons may, within 14 days after receiving the submission or within such longer period as is allowed by the Committee where justified in the circumstances, file a written response to it with the Committee.

  • SOR/91-544, s. 4;
  • SOR/97-437, s. 1.


  •  (1) A Committee member shall immediately notify the Committee Chairman where the Committee member,

    • (a) apart from any functions as a Committee member, has had previous, or has any current, personal or professional association with a member whose grievance, formal disciplinary appeal or discharge or demotion appeal is before the Committee; or

    • (b) is an employee, associate, counsel or member of a legal firm that is representing the member referred to in paragraph (a).

  • (2) Where the Committee Chairman determines that the Committee member has a real or potential conflict of interest, the Committee Chairman shall request the Committee member to withdraw from any further participation in the matter before the Committee.


  •  (1) Any record required by these Rules to be filed with the Committee shall be addressed to the Registrar and be either sent by registered mail or delivered by hand to the office of the Registrar.

  • (2) Where a record is sent by registered mail, the effective date of filing is the date of mailing.

  • SOR/91-544, s. 5.