Pay Television Regulations, 1990 (SOR/90-105)

Regulations are current to 2016-01-25 and last amended on 2015-04-28. Previous Versions


  •  (1) During any dispute between a licensee and a person licensed to carry on a distribution undertaking or the operator of an exempt distribution undertaking concerning the carriage or terms of carriage of programming originated by the licensee or concerning any right or obligation under the Act, the licensee shall continue to provide its programming services to the distribution undertaking at the same rates and on the same terms and conditions as it did before the dispute.

  • (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), a dispute exists from the moment that written notice of the dispute is provided to the Commission and served on the other undertaking that is party to the dispute and ends when an agreement settling the dispute is reached by the concerned undertakings or, if no such agreement is reached, when the Commission renders a decision concerning any unresolved matter.

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  • SOR/2012-151, s. 7.


 Except as otherwise provided under a condition of its licence, a licensee shall, in respect of each programming service that is required to be distributed under section 18 of the Broadcasting Distribution Regulations, by the Commission under paragraph 9(1)(h) of the Act or by order of the Commission made under subsection 9(4) of the Act,

  • (a) ensure the transmission of the programming service from its production facilities to each broadcasting distribution undertaking’s head end located within the area for which the licensee is licensed or to a satellite uplink centre located within that area; and

  • (b) bear the costs of the transmission.

  • SOR/2009-235, s. 3;
  • SOR/2011-147, s. 7.
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