Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990

Version of section 29.4 from 2006-03-22 to 2012-12-13:

  •  (1) The President may suspend an operator's authorization to operate a shared inspection program or a post-mortem examination program

    • (a) if

      • (i) the operator fails to comply with the requirements of the Act, these Regulations or the Manual of Procedures, or

      • (ii) it is reasonable to believe that public health will be endangered or the edibility of meat products produced in the registered establishment would be affected if the establishment is allowed to continue operating; and

    • (b) if

      • (i) an inspector has notified the operator of the existence of grounds for suspension under paragraph (a),

      • (ii) an inspector has provided the operator with a copy of an inspection report that sets out the grounds for suspension and the date by which corrective measures must be implemented in order to avoid the suspension of the program, and

      • (iii) if the operator has failed or is unable to take corrective measures referred to in subparagraph (ii) by the date referred to in that subparagraph, a notice of suspension of the program is delivered to the operator.

  • (2) The suspension shall remain in effect until the required corrective measures have been taken and have been verified by an inspector.

  • SOR/2004-280, s. 10.
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