Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990

Version of section 45 from 2007-07-12 to 2009-07-29:

  •  (1) A carcass of a food animal may be admitted to a registered establishment in which food animals are slaughtered if the food animal died while en route to the registered establishment, and the carcass is conveyed immediately and directly from the live animal receiving area to the inedible products area of the registered establishment.

  • (2) The carcasses of animals of the species Bos taurus or Bos indicus that died before they otherwise would have been slaughtered and from which the specified risk material has not been removed shall be sent to a designated area of the inedible products area for staining and disposal in accordance with the Health of Animals Regulations.

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  • SOR/2004-280, s. 14;
  • SOR/2006-147, s. 32.
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