Taxation Statistics Diskette Fee Order (SOR/91-94)

Regulations are current to 2017-11-20

Taxation Statistics Diskette Fee Order



Registration 1991-01-11

Order Prescribing the Fee To Be Paid by a Person for a Computer Diskette Containing Tables of Taxation Statistics

The Minister of National Revenue, pursuant to Order in Council P.C. 1988-2270 of September 29, 1988Footnote *, made pursuant to paragraph 19(b) of the Financial Administration Act, hereby makes the annexed Order prescribing the fee to be paid by a person for a computer diskette containing tables of taxation statistics.

Ottawa, January 10, 1991

Minister of National Revenue

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Taxation Statistics Diskette Fee Order.


 A person who makes a request to the Minister of National Revenue for a computer diskette containing taxation statistics shall pay a fee of $27 for each diskette supplied to the person.

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