Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations (SOR/92-541)

Regulations are current to 2017-12-11 and last amended on 2007-05-03. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE IV(Subsection 10(2))Roller Brands

Column IColumn IIColumn III
ItemGradeRoller BrandFootnote for *Colour of Ink
1Canada ACanada ARed
2Canada AACanada AARed
3Canada AAACanada AAARed
4Canada PrimeCanada PrimeRed
5Canada B1Canada B1Blue
6Canada B2Canada BBlue
7Canada B3Canada BBlue
8Canada B4Canada BBlue
9Canada D1Canada D1Brown
10Canada D2Canada DBrown
11Canada D3Canada DBrown
12Canada D4Canada DBrown
13Canada ECanada EBrown
  • SOR/93-342, s. 9;
  • SOR/97-368, s. 9.
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