Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations (SOR/92-541)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2007-05-03. Previous Versions

Certificate of Inspection

  •  (1) Every person who requests a certificate of inspection for processed poultry for which a grade prescribed by these Regulations was assigned shall make an application to an inspector for an inspection.

  • (2) Where an inspector inspects processed poultry and finds that it meets the grade requirements and standards of these Regulations and is packaged, marked and labelled in accordance with these Regulations, the inspector shall issue a certificate of inspection.

  • SOR/95-216, s. 12.


 As a condition to the application or use of a grade name prescribed by these Regulations, processed poultry shall be packed in accordance with section 62.

  • SOR/95-216, s. 12.
  •  (1) Every container in which processed poultry is packed shall

    • (a) be strong enough to protect the poultry;

    • (b) if constructed of corrugated fibreboard, be sound in construction, clean and free from discolouration and objectionable odours; and

    • (c) if constructed of material other than corrugated fibreboard,

      • (i) be suitable for cleaning and disinfection and free from noxious substances, and

      • (ii) be cleaned and disinfected before being reused.

  • (2) Every poultry carcass in a container shall be individually wrapped to prevent the processed poultry from adhering to the container, except where

    • (a) the container is lined with wax paper or other material; or

    • (b) the inner walls of the container are treated with wax or other material.

  • (3) Material used in packing or wrapping processed poultry shall not come into contact with the poultry unless the material

    • (a) is of a kind that does not impart to processed poultry any obnoxious quality;

    • (b) is durable and effective having regard to the manner in which it is used; and

    • (c) will not tear when it is wet.

  • (4) No shrinkable material shall be used to wrap processed poultry for freezing unless the material is fitted to the shape of the poultry to form a package that is undamaged.

  • (5) No processed poultry shall be packed in a container with other processed poultry unless that other poultry bears the same common name and has a grade name prescribed by these Regulations.

  • SOR/95-216, s. 12.

Poultry Marking

 As a condition to the application or use of a grade name prescribed by these Regulations, every container of processed poultry shall, subject to this Part, be marked in accordance with sections 64 to 67, the Food and Drug Regulations, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations and the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990.

  • SOR/95-216, s. 12.