Timber Regulations, 1993

Version of section 2 from 2017-04-13 to 2017-12-11:

 In these Regulations,


applicant means an applicant for a permit who is

  • (a) an individual who has reached the age of majority as set out under the laws of the province in which the permit is to be issued, or

  • (b) a corporation, partnership or joint venture; (demandeur)

cutting and removal of timber

cutting and removal of timber includes the cutting or removal of timber; (coupe et enlèvement du bois)


debris means all debris that results from the cutting and removal of timber and includes any garbage that is brought into or left in a forest area and any logging slash on roads and other rights-of-way; (débris)


fees means any stumpage or royalty to be paid for the cutting and removal of timber in a forest area or portion thereof; (droits)

forest area

forest area means the lands referred to in section 5 of the Forestry Act; (région forestière)

forestry officer

forestry officer means a person designated as a forestry officer pursuant to section 4; (agent forestier)


Minister[Repealed, SOR/2017-52, s. 1]


operator means an individual, a corporation, a partnership or a joint venture that enters into an agreement under section 14; (exploitant)


timber means trees that are standing, that have fallen or that have been cut. (bois)

  • SOR/2017-52, s. 1.
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