Saskatchewan Fishery Regulations, 1995 (SOR/95-233)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2012-03-02. Previous Versions

Saskatchewan Fishery Regulations, 1995



Registration 1995-05-09

Regulations Respecting Fishing in the Province of Saskatchewan, 1995

P.C. 1995-755  1995-05-09

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, pursuant to section 43Footnote * of the Fisheries Act, is pleased hereby to repeal the Saskatchewan Fishery Regulations, made by Order in Council P.C. 1979-1681 of June 21, 1979Footnote **, and to make the annexed Regulations respecting fishing in the Province of Saskatchewan, 1995, in substitution therefor.


 These Regulations may be cited as the Saskatchewan Fishery Regulations, 1995.


 In these Regulations,


“Director” means the Director of Fisheries Administration designated by the provincial Minister; (directeur)


“Indian” means an Indian within the terms of paragraph 12 of the Memorandum of Agreement, known as the Saskatchewan Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, being the agreement entered into between Canada and Saskatchewan on March 20, 1930 and confirmed by the Constitution Act, 1930, 20-21 Geo. V, c. 26 (U.K.); (Indien)


“Province” means the Province of Saskatchewan; (province)

“provincial Minister”

“provincial Minister” means the Minister of the Government of the Province responsible for the administration of The Fisheries Act (Saskatchewan), 1994. (ministre provincial)


 These Regulations apply in respect of fishing in all waters within the Province other than waters to which the National Parks Fishing Regulations apply.


  •  (1) Subject to subsection (3), no person shall fish except under the authority of a licence issued under subsection (2) or under The Fisheries Act (Saskatchewan), 1994.

  • (2) The provincial Minister may issue a licence to an Indian to engage in fishing solely for the purpose of catching fish for food for their personal use or for the use of the Indian’s immediate family.

  • (3) An Indian may, without a licence, fish by means of a spear, by bow and arrow or by angling, solely for the purpose of catching fish for food for their personal use or for the use of the Indian’s immediate family.

  • (4) There is no fee for a licence issued under subsection (2).

  • SOR/2012-32, s. 1.


 No person shall buy, sell, trade or barter any fish taken under the authority of a licence issued under subsection 4(2) or under the authority of subsection 4(3).


  •  (1) For the proper management and control of fisheries and the conservation and protection of fish, the provincial Minister may specify in a licence any condition that is not inconsistent with these Regulations respecting any of the matters set out in paragraphs 22(1)(a) to (z.1) of the Fishery (General) Regulations.

  • (2) No person carrying out any activity under the authority of a licence shall contravene or fail to comply with any condition of the licence.

  • SOR/2012-32, s. 2.