Canadian Aviation Regulations (SOR/96-433)

Regulations are current to 2014-04-02 and last amended on 2012-07-04. Previous Versions

Standard Operating Procedures

  •  (1) Every air operator shall, for each of its aircraft that is required to be operated by two or more pilots, establish and maintain standard operating procedures that enable the crew members to operate the aircraft within the limitations specified in the aircraft flight manual and that meet the Commercial Air Service Standards.

  • (2) An air operator that has established standard operating procedures for an aircraft shall ensure that a copy of the standard operating procedures is carried on board the aircraft.

[703.108 and 703.109 reserved]

Subpart 4 — Commuter Operations

Division I — General


 This Subpart applies in respect of the operation by a Canadian air operator, in an air transport service or in aerial work involving sightseeing operations, of any of the following aircraft:

  • (a) a multi-engined aeroplane that has a MCTOW of 8 618 kg (19,000 pounds) or less and a seating configuration, excluding pilot seats, of 10 to 19 inclusive;

  • (b) a turbo-jet-powered aeroplane that has a maximum zero fuel weight of 22 680 kg (50,000 pounds) or less and for which a Canadian type certificate has been issued authorizing the transport of not more than 19 passengers;

  • (b.1) a multi-engined helicopter with a seating configuration, excluding pilot seats, of 10 to 19 inclusive, unless it is certified for operation with one pilot and operated under VFR; and

  • (c) any aircraft that is authorized by the Minister to be operated under this Subpart.

  • SOR/2005-193, s. 2.

Aircraft Operation

 No air operator shall operate an aircraft under this Subpart unless the air operator complies with the conditions and operations specifications in an air operator certificate issued to that operator by the Minister pursuant to section 704.07.

[704.03 to 704.06 reserved]

Division II — Certification

Issuance or Amendment of Air Operator Certificate

  •  (1) Subject to section 6.71 of the Act, the Minister shall, on receipt of an application submitted in the form and manner required by the Commercial Air Service Standards, issue or amend an air operator certificate where the applicant demonstrates to the Minister the ability to

    • (a) maintain an adequate organizational structure;

    • (b) maintain an operational control system;

    • (c) meet training program requirements;

    • (d) comply with maintenance requirements;

    • (e) meet the Commercial Air Service Standards for the operation; and

    • (f) conduct the operation safely.

  • (2) For the purposes of subsection (1), an applicant shall have

    • (a) a management organization capable of exercising operational control;

    • (b) managerial personnel who have been approved by the Minister in accordance with the Commercial Air Service Standards, are employed on a full-time basis and perform the functions related to the following positions, namely,

      • (i) operations manager,

      • (ii) chief pilot, and

      • (iii) where the applicant does not hold an approved maintenance organization (AMO) certificate, maintenance manager;

    • (c) operational support services and equipment that meet the Commercial Air Service Standards;

    • (d) after January 1, 1997, where a master minimum equipment list has been established for a type of aircraft, a minimum equipment list for each aircraft of that type, approved by the Minister in accordance with the procedures specified in the MMEL/MEL Policy and Procedures Manual;

    • (e) aircraft that are properly equipped for and flight crew members who are qualified for the area of operation and the type of operation;

    • (f) an operational control system that meets the requirements of section 704.15;

    • (g) a training program that meets the requirements of this Subpart;

    • (h) legal custody and control of at least one aircraft of each category of aircraft that is to be operated;

    • (i) a company operations manual that meets the requirements of sections 704.120 and 704.121; and

    • (j) a maintenance control system approved pursuant to Subpart 6.